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A MUM has revealed a "genius" item that keeps her children safe on sunny days at the beach.

Stopping kids from getting sunburnt at the beach is always difficult, as it's hard to know when to reapply the cream.

However, Tiktoker and parent Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon) revealed the clever product she uses that lets her know when it's time – calling them "the best mum hack for the beach of all time".

In a video she showed how she uses Spot My UV stickers, which show when it's time for another layer of sunscreen.

In the footage, she explained how the little round stickers work on days out at the beach.

She said: "Have you ever wondered if it's time to reapply sunblock?

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"I found these UV spots last year and they are probably the best mum hack for the beach of all time.

"Put them on your family when you get to the beach. When you spray them with sunblock, they turn clear.

"You'll know it's time to reapply sunblock when they turn purple. Genius."

Shannon is seen in the video putting the sticker on her child's arm before spraying on sunscreen.

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The spot then reappears later, showing that it's time for another layer to be applied.

The video has been seen more than 1.5million times, with plenty of people impressed by the clever item.

One wrote: "That's actually so smart."

Another said: "That actually a smart idea. Where can I find them?"

A third added: "I think this should be marketed towards not just mums and kids. This is great."

The stickers can be found on Amazon from £15.50, where they have an overall rating of 4/5 from more than 500 reviews.

They claim to be the "world's first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker" and state that their "Dermatrue skin mimicking technology" gives a personalised reminder of when it's time to reapply sunscreen.

One reviewer said: "I am very sensitive to UV rays and I burn very easily. Discovering these UV stickers was the best thing to ever happen to my vacations."

Shannon isn't the only parent to voice their praise for the stickers, with Instagram mum known as Honestly Autumn also a fan.

In one of her "mom hack" videos, she showed her applying the stickers, saying: "My daughter inherited my sunburn-prone skin.

"So I got these really cool sunscreen dots that turn clear whenever she has enough sunscreen, and purple when I need to reapply."

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