The best and WORST-rated Disney theme parks in the world revealed

Disney’s WORST-rated theme park in the world revealed – as TWO Tokyo venues top the list of best locations

  • has compared Disney park rankings on Yelp
  • There are 12 Disney parks on the map but the Shanghai outpost isn’t on Yelp yet
  • The two parks in Tokyo comes out on top, with visitors praising the affordability  

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest Disney park of them all? has compared Disney theme park rankings on Yelp, to see which are the worst and best rated.

There are currently 12 Disney parks on the map around the world.

Four are in Florida, two in Tokyo, two in France, two in California, one in Hong Kong, and one in Shanghai, but this China outpost is not listed on Yelp as the app hasn’t launched there yet.

To see how these attractions compare, take a ride down to check out the rankings, which go from the highest to the lowest reviews.

Tokyo Disneyland, Japan: 4.5

Tokyo Disneyland was deemed ‘magical’ by one visitor, who also applauded it for its ‘endless’ food options

Out of 172 reviews, Tokyo Disneyland has an impressive 4.5 out of 5 ranking on Yelp. 

Many of the recent reviews give the park a big thumbs up, with fans praising the spread of food options and the clean environment. 

One happy customer wrote: ‘Definitely on par with Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida, and like those, Tokyo Disneyland has its own charms as well. 

‘Food here is also generally great. I would definitely recommend omelets from Grandma Sara’s Kitchen (Critter Country), dessert at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall (Fantasyland), tiramisu ice cream sandwiches from any ice cream cart, alien mochi buns (Tomorrowland), and whatever flavor of churro tickles your fancy. Curry from Hungry Bear Restaurant is also good.’

Another reviewer who visited the park in June mused: ‘Tokyo Disneyland was truly magical. As a foodie, there were endless options for food and snacks. I was in Disney heaven!

‘The park was so clean and not overly crowded, which made it super enjoyable. The lines were long, but they moved pretty fast.’

Some of the older complaints about Tokyo Disneyland focus on the long wait times. 

One reviewer said after their trip in 2018: ‘Went here for my birthday family trip from abroad and was totally disappointed. Within 10 hours we were only able to ride four rides. 

‘The employees kept letting people with a “fast pass” bypass everyone for over an hour and make people without passes wait.’

Tokyo DisneySea, Japan: 4.5

Tokyo DisneySea has a 4.5 rating on Yelp with parkgoers praising its cheap prices and romantic atmosphere 

Tokyo DisneySea – which is inspired by the myths and legends of the sea – has 314 reviews on Yelp, with a 4.5 ranking overall. 

One visitor said that they were ‘blown away’ by the offerings, while another described the park as ‘magical.’

A tourist from Philadelphia noted that the tickets at the Japanese outpost were ‘much more affordable compared to America.’

They also added that the park makes for ‘a romantic place for couples’ and a good place if you ‘wanna avoid the kids.’

However, more than a dozen reviewers have given the park one to two stars, with their biggest gripe being the long lines. 

One parkgoer from Los Angeles, who visited the Japanese park in August complained: ‘Very crowded. Long lines. Lots of people. Lots of waiting around. Very limited food options.’

Epcot, Florida: 4.2 

Epcot, with a score of 4.2 on Yelp, was the second of four Disney parks to open in Florida

Outside of Japan, one of the highest-rated Disney parks is Epcot in Orlando, Florida, with a score of 4.2.

The park, which was the second of four Disney parks to open in Florida, has 2,628 reviews on Yelp, with the majority praising the ’round the world’ concept.

Often referred to as a ‘permanent world’s fair,’ the park represents 11 countries, with themed attractions at each pavilion. 

One visitor said after their trip in December: ‘When there’s four parks at Disney World and you only have time for one, EPCOT is the obvious choice for foodies and lovers of all cultures!’ 

Another parkgoer raved: ‘I came with my boyfriend during food and wine festival and it was so much fun trying different food from all around the world!

‘Even though the weather was a bit rainy, we still had a blast!’

Reviewers who gave the park a one star, touched on the high prices and overcrowding.  

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Florida: 4.1 

With 1,650 reviews, Disney’s Animal Kingdom currently has a score of 4.1 on Yelp

Disney’s Animal Kingdom makes a break from the other Disney parks, with attractions themed around animals and the natural world. 

With 1,650 reviews, the park currently has a score of 4.1 on Yelp. 

One recent visitor revealed that the place ‘exceeded all expectations!’

He continued in his review: ‘The immersive experience of exploring different regions, from Pandora to Africa, was truly captivating. The attention to detail in the animal exhibits and attractions made it feel like a journey into the heart of nature.

‘Fun Fact: Did you know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the largest of all Disney theme parks and houses over 2,000 animals across 300 species? It’s like a real-life adventure through diverse ecosystems.

‘I highly recommend the Kilimanjaro Safaris – an amazing ride where you get up close with animals in a naturalistic environment. The blend of entertainment, education, and conservation efforts at Animal Kingdom makes it a must-visit for families and nature enthusiasts alike.’

Some of the less enthusiastic reviews complain about wait times at Animal Kingdom and one recent parkgoer said their safari truck broke down ‘for over 30 minutes,’ but the staff ‘didn’t care’ and ‘seemed to have an attitude.’ 

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island: 4.1 

Hong Kong Disneyland was built to resemble the original Disneyland park in California

From 142 reviews, Hong Kong Disneyland has a score of 4.1 on Yelp. 

The park, which opened in 2005, was built to resemble the original Disneyland park in California.

One tourist from San Diego visited it in October and raved about it. He wrote: ‘I believe Hong Kong’s Disney is the smallest in the world but it’s still worth checking out. Especially with the new Frozen land that we didn’t get to see this visit! 

‘There’s also a huge fanbase for Duffy here so expect a ton of merchandise for the bear. We bought both the ticket and the Disney Premiere Access online on Klook prior to our visit.’

Like many reviewers, he also praised the Hong Kong park for being quieter than other outposts. 

He revealed: ‘We went on a Sunday and I was so worried that the park would be packed. I’m not sure what the reason was but it was completely empty!’

Visitors who left negative reviews, criticized the park for being too small and not having enough rides.  

Disney California Adventure Park, California: 4.1 

Visitors to Disney California Adventure Park say it has plenty of food options to keep energy levels up 

Out of 2,977 Yelp reviews, the Disney California Adventure Park has a 4.1 rating. 

When it comes to negative reviews, parkgoers appear to be most disgruntled with the customer service.

One reviewer who visited the park in August, gave it one star writing: ‘Went today after not going for a year and it was a decent visit. 

‘The food was good, prices weren’t too bad and it was pretty clean. Only thing is for the so called “happiest place on earth” it didn’t seem that way with the employees. Everyone there seemed like they were only there for a check and free tickets. 

‘Only got dead stares no one was welcoming, received no good customer service, and everyone looked like they didn’t want to be there. I’ve received more smiles and better customer service at my local market. No “thank you” no “enjoy” and definitely no smiles. Everyone just seemed more focused on getting us out the way to attend the next person.’ 

At the other end of the scale, more positive reviews touched on the park’s abundant food offerings. 

One parkgoer wrote: ‘There’s plenty of dining options here… From the elegance of Carthay Circle to the fast casual of Award Weiners you are sure to find something for everyone.’ 

Disneyland Park, France: 4.0

Disneyland Park has a 4.0 score on Yelp with visitors praising the aesthetics and ‘friendly cast mates’

From 686 reviews, Disneyland Park in France has a 4.0 score on Yelp. 

One tourist from California who visited the park in December described it as ‘a dream come true’ and ‘by far is the best one.’

Revealing what makes it stand out, they wrote: ‘Friendly cast mates, reasonably priced snacks and meals. The stores there have everything in stock. The parade was awesome as well.’

Another fan from California said: ‘Absolutely puts Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to shame! An absolute must for any Disney enthusiast or even anyone visiting Paris, France.

‘The park itself is very beautiful compared to Disneyland in California. It’s very spacious and you can tell that careful planning went in to design the park. For example the Main Street Walkways are designed well so that parades can happen without a huge pedestrian congestion occurring.

‘The castle that you’re greeted with is absolutely stunning and large. The interior of it is meticulously detailed, which can tell by the stained glass murals inside of the castle.’

In the one-star review section, disgruntled park-goers have complained about everything from bad weather to long lines.

Walt Disney Studios Park, France: 4.0

Walt Disney Studios Park, which opened in 2002, allows visitors to delve into the worlds of Disney and Pixar

Walt Disney Studios Park is the second of two theme parks built on the outskirts of Paris in Marne-la-Vallée.

The park, which opened in 2002, allows visitors to delve into the worlds of Disney and Pixar.

It currently has a 4.0 score on Yelp following feedback from 114 reviewers.

One commenter from California wrote: ‘This park is better than Disneyland Paris. You must come here. The main park was pretty boring compared to this park.’

However, she noted that the Disney park in California has both parks in France ‘beat by far.’

One three-star reviewer from Florida was less enthusiastic about the park. 

They said: ‘This place is really only worth going to if you have a Park Hopper for a combined visit at Disneyland Paris. 

‘It’s really small, there are only a few attractions, and the waits were long when I visited. For example, 85 minutes for the Crush ride.’

Magic Kingdom Park, Florida: 3.9

Many people have complained about Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando being overcrowded

Out of 2,757 reviews Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando has a 3.9 ranking on Yelp. 

Many people have complained about the park being overcrowded. 

One disgruntled customer wrote after their trip in October: ‘Not even worth one star, Walt would be furious to see what has happened to his dream. 

‘They let too many people in, we couldn’t get on the rides we wanted. Tron was reserved so fast and then closed for the day due to, too many people. 

‘Space mountain took 2 hours, so many people, terrible experience, traveled from west coast to see Disney world. Very expensive trip for such a terrible time.’ 

Another reviewer who previously visited the park as a child said: ‘The park atmosphere is nothing like back in the day, no happy faces in sight. Workers look miserable and are rude. 

‘Super overcrowded! Rides are a minute long at most, so not worth the the long wait that can turn into an hour or more.’

Many parkgoers who gave the park a five-star ranking mentioned the ‘vibrant’ parades and evening fireworks.   

Disneyland Park, California: 3.8

Disneyland Park California has 11,095 reviews with an overall score of 3.8

Boasting the most reviews of all the Disney destinations on Yelp is Disneyland Park California.

To date, this outpost – which is the first and original – has 11,095 reviews with an overall score of 3.8.

While it is one of the more popular parks, reviewers say that there is room for improvement. 

One annoyed customer mused: ‘Overpriced, jammed with people, rides that break down, why would anyone subject themselves to this?’ 

Anther irate reviewer complained about the high prices, writing: ‘I get it, Disneyland is wonderful, but why is it THE most expensive out of all the theme parks, and completely unattainable for MOST families? 

‘I have wanted to bring my son to Disneyland since he was little, (well… dreamed about it before he was even born, to be honest). I would tell him that Disneyland is where Mickey Mouse lives and show him Sleeping Beauty’s castle, in every Disney movie we watched. 

‘Preparing him for the wonderful surprise when he would get to go there one day and see the characters and landmarks come to life! However, on a limited income, that hasn’t been possible yet.

‘I just cannot justify spending over $1,000 for tickets for a few days. That is only the tickets!! Not to mention food and lodging. The annual passes would be a good deal IF they opened it up to the rest of California residents. As of right now, the only one that is not a “renewal” type pass is the top tier which is over $1,500 per person per year!

‘I would love to give Disneyland 5 stars, as a lot of people have. I just can’t. My hope is that Disney makes it more affordable for the rest of California (Northern California specifically). Disney, hear my cries!’

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Florida: 3.7 

Many disappointed visitors have complained about long wait times and broken rides at Hollywood Studios in Florida

Disney’s movie-themed Hollywood Studios in Florida has 1,488 reviews on Yelp and with a score of 3.7, it comes in bottom of the pile in terms of park rankings. 

Many disappointed visitors have complained about long wait times and broken rides.

One reviewer wrote: ‘This is the worst Disney park. It’s tiny and always overcrowded. 

‘The rides are limited only having and small handful in the park, and they are often broke.’

Another commenter said: ‘Lines are always too long. Not what it used to be. 

‘They seem to only care about the visitors that pay for the lightning lines and not about the everyday man. 

‘I won’t come back until some [policies] change and ALL GUESTS are treated better.’ 

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