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HOLIDAYMAKERS have been shown how they can keep their luggage safe when travelling abroad, without having to worry about it going missing.

Pickpockets can be a big worry, especially in popular tourist spots where thieves are known to operate.

However, there are simple measures people can take to prevent their stuff getting nicked.

One of which was revealed by Tiktoker Maddie (@myboyrudder), who showed how she keeps her items safe when going on holiday, with a simple toolbox item.

Firstly, she uses a bumbag, which is a lot of travellers' bag of choice when trying to avoid being targeted by pickpockets – especially streamlined ones that can be worn under clothes.

Wearing them across the shoulder, rather than around the waist, is also another method people advise, as it allows users to cross their arms over their belongings.

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However, there is still the risk that crafty thieves can unclip the bag at the back before running away.

Maddie's hack involves using a simple item that can be bought for as little as £2.99 for 200, working out at less than 2p a piece, to prevent this from happening.

In a video, she said: "If you're travelling anywhere prone to pickpockets and you want to use a fanny pack, run a zip tie through the buckle.

"That way someone cannot unbuckle it from behind and run off with your stuff."

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Maddie then revealed a few bags she'd fixed with the cable ties, adding: "These are pretty safe.

"You wear the bag across your body with the bag part under your armpit."

Maddie's video has been seen more than 10million times since she shared it this summer, with a lot of people impressed by what they'd seen.

One wrote: "That's a great idea , thanks for sharing."

Another said: "Omg! This saved my life!"

A third simply added: "Smart."

However, others warned that the cable ties might not be enough to stop bag thieves.

One said: "They are known to also slice the bottom of a bag and empty the contents.

"Better to not carry a bag at all if you can."

Some things designed to help tourists avoid getting robbed can actually end up helping the pickpockets.

Rebecca Baldwin, a self-confessed travel expert who has lived all over the world, explained how signs warning people about the presence of thieves often lead to people revealing where their belongings are.

She wrote on public forum Quora that when tourists see those signs, they immediately check to see if they still have their most valuable possessions on them.

In doing this, they show let the pickpockets know exactly where to find all their items.

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