Saucy road map issued for holidaymakers who love places with rude names

HOLIDAYMAKERS who love visiting places with rude names have been given a helping hand — thanks to a saucy road map.

Tourists can now snigger their way up and down Ireland, which is rammed full of naughty destinations, including Muff, Fannystown, Doodys Bottom and Slutsend.

With millions looking to holiday closer to home in the pandemic, the country expects record numbers of visitors along its 1,900-mile coastline. 

And it predicts many will have a childish sense of humour, like Viz comic’s mucky-minded Finbarr Saunders, and be irresistibly drawn to places such as Bastardtown, Willyrogue Island and Cock Hill.

The smutty list also includes Horetown, Nobber and Ballsbridge.

A spokesman for Irish Parcels, the courier company which compiled the daft route, said: “We’re constantly talking to drivers who spend their days travelling the length and breadth of the Emerald Isle. 

“Irish places have been given their names in a variety of ways over the years, from historic settlements to community nicknames which have stuck.

“Some homeowners will view where they live as a curse while other families will love it.

“But one thing is for certain – living in or near a town with a silly name certainly isn’t boring.”

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