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Ryanair flights strike 2018 – is there a full list of cancelled flights and what to do if you are affected

Airline boss Michael O'Leary has said he's 'optimistic' about ending walkouts – here's what you need to know.

Are there more strikes before Christmas?

On October 17, it was reported that thousands of Ryanair passengers could face more travel disruption between now and Christmas as unions involved in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions plan a new wave of walkouts.

They say they are prepared to attend a meeting with the European Commission on October 18, but are also planning a separate meeting on the same day to discuss further action.

A statement issued by the Spanish unions said: "USO and SITCPLA, together with the Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Belgian and German trade unions, will hold a new meeting with the Cabinet Chiefs of Commissioners on October 18 in Brussels to address the conflict with Ryanair."

Antonio Escobar, responsible for External Relations of SITCPLA, added: "From this meeting, we hope that the European Commission will put in place some mechanism to force Ryanair to apply, immediately, the national legislation to its workers.

"In addition to this meeting with the European Commission, the same October 18, the eight unions that defend the claims of cabin crew and Ryanair pilots will meet to agree future actions in the coming months."

Ernesto Iglesias, responsible for the USO flight sector, claimed: "Ryanair is not open to negotiate but to impose its conditions, so on the table are the next calls for strikes at European level, from here to Christmas, until Ryanair puts aside the campaigns to clean up their image."

Meanwhile, Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said yesterday that he was "hopeful and optimistic" that industrial relations issues would not damage the airline further this year after strikes contributed to a rare profit warning last week.

The airline boss pointed to breakthroughs in talks with unions in Ireland and Italy and said Ryanair "hopes to make similar progress in other countries in the coming months."

When were the walkouts?

Previously, it was announced on September 13 that Ryanair cabin crew would stage another 24-hour strike on Friday, September 28.

The nations where the strikes took place were Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

On September 26, Ryanair pilots in Germany announced they would join colleagues on strike.

“No improved offer has been made to VC since the last industrial action on 12 September 2018. In addition, no conciliation agreement has been reached between Ryanair and VC so far,” German union VC said in a statement.

Spain's USO union said: “We are sorry to provoke a new setback and we have tried to give notice as soon as possible, but it is necessary to cut the problem at the root so that in the future the company complies with the legislation for workers and users."

The strike was announced following a meeting with the European Commission, and was once again over pay and conditions.

How many are cancelled and is there a full list of cancelled flights?

About 40,000 passengers were understood to be affected after Ryanair cancelled 250 flights across Europe.

Ryanair tweeted on Thursday: "We have pre-cancelled some more flights (under 100) tomorrow (Fri 28) due to a short notice strike, called by the VC union in Germany.

"All affected customers have received emails/text messages this morning advising them of these flight cancellations and their options.

If my flight is cancelled can I get my money back?

If your flight has been cancelled due to strike action you should be entitled to either a refund or a booking on another flight with the company.

Travel insurer Columbus Direct told the Express that passengers on flights affected in Europe are protected.

Caroline Vicente, a travel expert at the firm, said: "As Ryanair is a European airline if you are due to travel during this time and your flight is cancelled you are protected.

"You have the option to take an alternative flight with the airline to your destination, or cancel your flight and claim a full refund.

"If the alternative flight Ryanair offer isn't at the right time for you, Ryanair is legally required to book you on a comparable flight with them or an alternative airline. You should not be charged more for this."

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