People list things they believe others are just PRETENDING to enjoy

Drinking vodka ‘for the taste’, night clubs with loud music and eating kale: People reveal the things they’re convinced others are just PRETENDING to enjoy

  • A Reddit user posed a question about things that ‘people just pretend to enjoy’ 
  • ‘Singing happy birthday’ and ‘parades’ were also among the responses
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Does social pressure force people to pretend they like things?

It’s an idea that gets a thorough airing in an Ask Reddit forum debate that was started when user ‘Wentleworth’ asked: ‘What are you convinced people are just pretending to enjoy?’

In the thread, Reddit users sprang to volunteer examples of things they believe that people secretly dislike. 

How people truly feel about social occasions was a popular subject, with ‘timmycakes77’ suggesting that people lie about how much they actually like ‘night clubs with loud music’. 

‘Night clubs with loud music’ was one of the responses to this question on Reddit: ‘What are you convinced people are just pretending to enjoy?’ 

‘Regachoisiah’, meanwhile, nominated watching parades, ‘DeathSpiral321’ said attending ‘family reunions’ and ‘Acceptable_Jelly_529’ claimed that no one really likes celebrating New Year’s Eve.

User ‘Valis010’ put the spotlight on birthday parties, remarking: ‘Singing happy birthday. And having it sung to you. Nobody enjoys either one of those things.’

Moving to the guest lists of parties, one unnamed user suggested that ‘small talk’ was something that people dislike while ‘Affectionate_Salt351’ claimed that people are secretly not keen on ‘some of their friends’.

What about family? User ‘Physical_Boot89’ said that ‘parenting’ is something that people don’t genuinely enjoy.

Reddit user ‘kitty33’ took it one step further, writing: ‘Marriage. Children. And kale. Mostly kale.’

Kale wasn’t the only food to get a mention – ‘ShortCandy2220’ knocked Licorice, while ‘billybobbobbyjoe’ suggested that people don’t actually like eating oysters because the experience is ‘like sucking on a chilled booger’.

Reddit user ‘kitty33’ suggested that people pretend to like: ‘Marriage. Children. And kale. Mostly kale’ 

Booze was another hotly contested subject. ‘Cannaaard’ said that some people ‘pretend’ to drink vodka ‘for the taste’ and ‘SaveusJebus’ agreed that ‘straight alcohol’ is something they believe that people don’t truly relish.

LiminalWanderings wrote: ‘IPA beer. Have thought it was some sort of inside joke for years.’ User ‘DeOLPD19’ agreed, writing that, in their opinion, IPAs ‘smell like pine’.

Elsewhere in the drinks department, ‘chino1029’ nominated black coffee while ‘Careful_Ordinary_833’ suggested: ‘Kombucha or any of those fermented gross health drinks’.

Other health-oriented activities were similarly called into question. User ‘bensolosslut’ wrote: ‘Running. I know the benefits garnered are worth it but honestly, every time I see someone out running, huffing and with a red face, I just think “I’m glad that’s not me”… running just looks like people torturing themselves to me.’

Reddit user ‘Cannaaard’ said that some people ‘pretend’ to drink vodka ‘for the taste’

‘Jadw27’ agreed, writing: ‘The only good feeling I ever get from running is when I finish running.’

Another user, ‘Replicant-Nexus9’, weighed in on the thread and said that ‘reading self-help books or motivational books’ is something they feel that people pretend to enjoy doing, adding: ‘Someone at work was gushing about reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and it made me want to puke.’

Pretending to like your job in general, was another popular subject, with user ‘coolsheep769’ revealing they find it hard to believe that people truly take pleasure in ‘going back to the office’ after working from home.

User ‘ThemFatale_’ also remarked that ‘posting on LinkedIn’ isn’t something people sincerely like doing – a comment that received a whopping 2,000 upvotes in a matter of hours and a reply from a user describing the site as ‘super cringey’.

But all things considered, everything comes down to a matter of taste – user ‘alistofthingsIhate’ admitted that they ‘genuinely enjoy’ a lot of the things listed in the thread.

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