Passports after Brexit – do I need to renew mine before travelling to Europe? – The Sun

THE UK is finally leaving the EU tomorrow – Friday, January 31.

With Brexit having been delayed for months, there's been some confusing and contradicting advice about whether Brits need to renew their passports before they travel to Europe.

As the Withdrawal Agreement has now been signed into law, Brits should make sure they know the latest advice before they travel.

Do I need to renew my passport before I travel?

You may have read that you need at least 15 months left on your passport to travel to Europe after Brexit – but this is no longer the case.

The 15 month rule (a minimum of six months of validity plus an extra nine if you've had your passport for more than ten years) was only under a No Deal scenario.

As the Withdrawal Agreement has now been ratified, the UK will be entering into a transition period after Brexit.

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