Passenger flying in first class left disgusted after finding a LIVE maggot in his in-flight meal

And to make the discovery even more horrifying, the bug was still alive and was seen crawling cross his plate.

Matthew Klink shared a video of the offending maggot on his blog Live and Lets Fly.

He said that the unidentified passenger, who was flying first class with Delta on flight 2892 on March 8, sent the video to him.

The short seven second clip focuses on the salad, which appears  to contain lettuce, barley, olives and what looks like flaked fish.

At first, it's not clear where the maggot is.

But as the video plays on, it's suddenly apparent that the bug, still alive, is crawling across the plate.

The passenger told Matthew that when he complained about the unexpected addition to his meal, he was offered just $50 (£37.82) in compensation.

Delta wrote to the passenger and said: "We’re working hard with our food vendors to offer consistent, quality lunch and dinner portions that appeal to all of our passengers.

"However, it’s clear we dropped the ball during this trip. Please know that I’m passing your concerns directly to our In-Flight and Catering Vendor leadership team, in hopes of preventing this type of event from happening again in the future."

A spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: "Delta requires all food-service partners to adhere to strict regulations to ensure the safety and quality of our onboard meals.

"We have been in direct contact with this customer to apologise for their experience, and have taken immediate action with our catering partner to investigate the situation."

Passengers often share the disappointing meals they've had on flights.

Sun Online Travel previously reported how a passenger was handed an in-flight meal that was ten years out of date according to its label.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Delta for comment.

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