Passenger accused of 'seat stealing' before boarding flight – but people are divided | The Sun

A PASSENGER has divided opinion after they were accused of stealing seats before boarding their flight

After checking in for their flight, the person found a row of empty seats here no-one was sitting, although with some luggage placed on the floor in front.

Believing the seats to be available, the passenger sat down, only to be told that someone else was sitting there and that they were being disrespectful.

After the incident, the person asked on Reddit to ask if they had been in the wrong in this situation.

They wrote: "I was at the airport after checking my documents at the front desk of the airline.

"While waiting to board the plane, I looked for a place to sit. I saw three available seats together, one of them empty and the other two with bags on the floor, but no people.

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"I evidently chose the empty seat, but the guy in front of me told me that those were someone else’s seats.

"I said that nobody was here and if they came back, I would move, although I honestly do not believe I should have given that is a public space at an airport.

"Like, you do not buy your seat at a waiting room like you do in an airplane.

"People came and against everything I believe I moved, while they were whispering that I 'do not respect' them.

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"Respect what? An empty seat in a busy airport, seriously?"

A lot of users responded in favour of the passenger, saying it was perfectly fine to take the seats.

One said: "The seat was empty, it’s up for grabs. You were nice if you were willing to give it up if someone came back."

Another wrote: "Those people were just wrong. You did not need to move."

However, not everyone was of the same opinion.

One said that it was common to use luggage to reserve seats at an airport.

They commented: "People usually leave their bags and come back after getting something to eat or something like that."

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