Mum slammed for 'ruining' 14-year-old daughter's holiday to Spain by not letting her fly alone – but people are divided | The Sun

A WOMAN has divided people online after she stopped her 14-year-old daughter from going on holiday – by herself.

The mother reached out for advice online when her family put pressure on her to allow the teenager to fly out to visit her grandmother in Spain.

The woman's mother will be there for an extended stay and would like her grandchildren to visit, but their mother has used all her work holiday up on other trips so is unable to accompany her kids.

The mother explained the situation to Mumsnet and asked if she was being unreasonable by preventing her daughter from going alone.

She wrote: "My mum is going to Spain this autumn for 2 months. She has done this a few times and usually I have gone over alone to visit for a few days or have brought my children.

"This year we have had lots of trips (Covid backlog) and with the children, I have been on a 4 night city break with my mum and the grandchildren (I paid).

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"I can’t go to Spain this year as I am short on holidays and have a couple of weddings etc towards the end of the year that require holidays and money.

"My mum is adamant that I send my children alone on a flight over to see her.

"My son is 10 so it’s not even an option as they wouldn’t take him and my daughter is 14 but I wouldn’t be at all comfortable sending her through an airport alone.

"My mum is fuming – I am ruining her break, ruining it for the children etc.

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"She is a very dedicated granny and the children love her so am I being unreasonable for not allowing my children to travel?"

Some argued that the daughter would be fine travelling by herself and that airports are relatively safe places to be.

One said: "I did it at that age when there was a lot less communication available than there is now.

"You can check her in and go with her up to security then tell her to keep watch for the gate number and go to the gate as soon as it says you can not leave it to the last minute.

"As long as she does that there is very little that can go wrong and she can always call/face time/send pics of the departures board so you can make sure she is in the right place at the right time."

Another user accused the mother of mollycoddling her daughter by not letting her take the trip.

They wrote: "It will be fine. She's 14. Hardly a young child.

"I went to Amsterdam with friends on our own for 2 weeks when were just 16 by bus and ferry. It was brilliant."

Others however were more sympathetic and said the grandmother was the one being unreasonable.

One said she sounded "horrific".

They wrote: "Your mother sounds horrific…no means no for your daughter travelling alone…jeez what's wrong with people to not listen."

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