Mum says she is right to take one child on holiday while leaving the other at home – but people are divided | The Sun

A MUM-of-two has revealed why she often goes on holiday with just one of her kids while leaving the other one at home.

Julie Cook said it meant she was able to get quality time with each of them – but not everyone agrees.

She explained how she has often travelled to Europe with just her son Alex, 14, or daughter Adriana, 9.

The first time she did it was in 2018 with her son, after booking four days in Venice.

She told Metro: "I was able to listen to him talking without being interrupted. By the end of our four days I felt like I knew him – properly – all over again."

Julie said she did the same last year with her daughter, taking her to Paris without her brother.

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She added: "I am a real advocate of taking a one-on-one holiday with a child, not least because it’s cheaper."

While she said she also went on holiday with both her kids and husband once a year, she maintained that single-child holidays are a good idea: "It helps you bond and creates memories just the two of you can share.

Julie admitted that not everyone agrees with her as well.

Some mums have told her it was "mean" leaving one of the kids out, while another said it "wasn't fair".

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And one person commented: "Yes it's very beneficial to HER, she gets to go away twice.

"I've fond memories of being on holiday with my brothers and sister, and it was a lot more fun."

However, others agreed with her – Julie said one friend of hers tried it for herself and said you "really do bond" with the one child.

Julie isn't the first mum to not go on holiday with her entire family.

A mum divided opinion after she said she was planning a holiday with her newborn baby – but would leave her husband and older child behind.

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And another revealed the reason she rarely takes her eight-year-old away with her on holiday – claiming she has much more fun without them. 

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