Man sparks debate after sitting in first class with his wife – while leaving kids and nanny in economy | The Sun

A PASSENGER has sparked debate after he and his wife first class book first class plane tickets, while leaving their young children in economy.

Some people said it was teaching the kids a valuable lesson about money, others claimed they wouldn't want to sit that far from their children on a plane.

The argument was kicked off by property developer Samuel Leeds (@samuel_leeds), who shared a video on Tiktok of him waving goodbye to the kids in economy seats.

Samuel then walks from the cheap seats through to the front of the plane where his wife is sitting, enjoying a drink and a meal.

Even though Samuel claims to be worth more than £10million, he said he didn't want to spoil the youngsters and so only booked them in the economy cabin.

In the video, he said: "Rich people, don't spoil you kids."

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The footage has been seen more than 23,000 times since it was shared, with several people weighing in on the debate.

Some were on Samuel's side, agreeing that children shouldn't be treated to first class.

One wrote: "Bro's teaching them a valuable lesson and saving a couple quid too."

Another said: "Respect, they will be in first class one day and feel that they earned it."

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Even though Samuel also pointed out that the children were sitting with their nanny, there were people who said they couldn't do it.

One person argued: "I understand the lesson but no way am I being that far away from my girls."

A second added: "I fail to see what lesson this will teach them."

Samuel isn't the only person to have caused an argument over his views on children being in first class.

One woman wrote on Reddit to see if she had been in the right after a passenger swore at her for buying her child a first class ticket during a flight.

Most people were on her side and said it was okay for her children to be flying with her in first.

One wrote: "Even if your child cried, it wouldn't have mattered because you paid and are entitled to the seats you paid for."

However, flight attendants are less keen for children to be sat away from their parents.

One told Sun Online Travel that adults should always remember their responsibilities when flying with kids.

They said: "I've got nothing against parents or children, but there's something that happens when they get on board our planes that makes them forget about their responsibilities.

"People confuse flight attendants with servants or cleaners, rather than the people keeping them safe on board the plane.

"Some will literally ask us to keep an eye on their kids while they have a nap. Which is absolutely in no way part of our job.

"I, and plenty of other flight attendants, would love the option of flights without kids, where parents aren't thinking about how they can pass their responsibilities on to us for the duration of the trip."

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