Know-How Schools Can Benefit from Vehicle Location Trackers

Nowadays, schools strive to compete with one another in providing the best possible facilities for their students. Trained teaching staff, a curriculum of global standards, airconditioned classrooms and smart teaching techniques – they have it all. However, an essential area of concern that is still not given much attention is providing a much more safe and secure commute to students. Yes, it is because students are vulnerable to various kinds of risks while they travel to and fro from school. In the past, cases of unfortunate incidents during travelling through school transport have planted fear and anxiety in the minds of parents.

Given the scenario, it is crucial that concrete steps for securing such transport be taken to put parents at ease while sending their kids to school. One such solution for schools can be to equip their transport fleet with an advanced location tracker. Such a device will prove to be of considerable advantage to the authorities in keeping a check on various factors involved during plying of different school vehicles.
If as a school authority, you wish to know how exactly a location tracker can help, then here are few points explaining the same:

1. Check on Driver’s Activities
One of the first important things to do is to ensure that school transport drivers do not drive recklessly. It is because when they indulge in over speeding and overtaking, it exposes the kids to the risk of injuries. An advanced location tracker that comes with the feature of sending intelligent alerts will ensure that authorities get informed about any such activity and can take the required action. Such a location tracker sends alerts for instances when the vehicle exceeds a specific speed limit or goes out of the geo-fencing range or when the driver uses a phone while driving.

2. Prevent Violence
During the commute, students also engage in fighting and other violent acts, which may lead to severe injuries among them. However, if the buses are equipped with a comprehensive location tracker that comes with an in-built camera, then authorities will be able to get a picture of what’s happening while the buses are on the way. In case a fight breaks out among the students, or the driver engages in any violent activity, then the authorities will be able to take timely action. As a result, students and drivers may refrain from indulging in any such activities.

3. Prevention of Unsafe Use of Vehicle

Student’s safety may also be compromised when the driver makes an unregistered individual take charge of the vehicle. It puts students at risk and in the absence of a location tracker, the school authorities may remain unaware of such a situation.
However, if the buses are equipped with a high-end location tracker that comes with a face recognition feature, then the device will send alerts when an unidentified driver takes behind to the wheel. Such timely information will enable authorities to take the case up and prevent such things from happening.

4. Recording of Trips Made
The latest location trackers also allow live streaming the video of the vehicle along with tracking its location. Further, the device stores all the data on the cloud, which allows the authorities to check all the trip-related details and videos for cross-checking purposes. It can also provide considerable support in case of any complaints or legal issues. Periodic checks of data will help authorities to decide which drivers to retain, taking student’s safety into focus.

Make School Transport Safe for Students
Providing a secure travelling experience for students is an important matter that should receive proper attention. Therefore, schools should consider equipping their transport fleet with a comprehensive location tracker to monitor the safety of students during commute closely.
School authorities can purchase a reliable location tracker such as Kent CamEye that comes with an inbuilt dash cam feature. The device has many other advanced features such as intelligent alerts, two-way calling, cloud backup and route playback. All these features will ensure children’s safety by enabling authorities to do more than just tracking the vehicle. It can be bought from the Amazon, India or Flipkart website, and authorities can even book a demo before purchasing for their fleet in bulk.

Taking this small but crucial step will provide parents with significant confidence that they have chosen the best and the safest school for their child.