Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Releasing Relationship Self-Help Book: 'We Have the Tools'

Caussin and Kramer — who are parents to daughter Jolie, 4, and son Jace, 17 months — are looking forward to releasing their book in September, but they acknowledge the writing process was fraught at times.

"That was tough … when we write about something that's triggering and we get in a fight because of it. We have to leave the room and pick it up the next day and try to resolve things because the work still has to get done," says Caussin. Quips Kramer: "We had a few good fights with that!"

But at the end of the day, the couple are hoping to make a difference with everything they've been through — and also take their own advice.

"We even make fun of ourselves a lot [in the book] because the last thing we want is people to think that we have it all figured out," says Kramer. "We're vulnerable, but at the same time we're hopeful that people can walk away with some helpful tools. There's a lot in there that's beneficial for everyone."

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