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A TRAVELLER has revealed how to always get the best seat in economy on a plane – without having to pay for it.

Where you sit can make the difference between you having a great and comfortable flight, or leaving the plane with a bad back.

But there are ways of helping you find the best seat for your flight, if you know where to look.

A frequent traveller has shown other people how he finds the best seats on planes, so he can increase his chances of staying comfy during trips.

TikTok user @Maxmilespoints shared a video revealing how he looks at the seats on planes ahead of his journeys, so he knows exactly where he wants to sit.

The video introduced people to Aerolopa.com – a site that provides detailed maps of planes, allowing you to see where you'd most likely be most comfortable.

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In the video, Max says: "This is my new favourite tool to pick plane seats.

"The airline usually doesn't give you enough information about your seat."

He compares the site to other seating sites like Seatguru, which he describes as "outdated" in comparison and said the Aerolopa seat maps "don't suck".

One of the best features of Aerolopa according to Max is that it shows the window alignment, so you can make sure you're actually sitting by a window and not just next to the plane wall – which sometimes happens.

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He finishes by saying: "Picking a seat is kind of a big deal, especially if you're using your hard-earned air mile points."

The video received praise from other users who said the site looked more useful than other similar platforms.

One said: "I was expecting this to be a typical TikTok travel 'look at this new trick!' only for it to be Seatguru again.

"This one is actually useful! Thanks!"

Another wrote: "I hate a misaligned window seat! This is great."

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