Inside Kim Kardashian's incredible private plane – with full dining suite, bar and buffet service

KIM Kardashian sparked outrage after bragging about her 40th birthday extravaganza with friends and family on a private island in Tahiti.

A video posted to the Instagram account Kardasian Video also revealed inside her lavish private jet, which flew the guests on the 4000-mile trip.

Joined on the private Boeing 777 by her siblings, as well as her mum Kris, Scott Disick, Tristan Thompson and other friends, it certainly wasn't economy.

One part of the plane shows the eating area, with four huge dining tables laden with flowers, along with a breakfast bar and buffet.

A working bar included a bartender making drinks throughout, as well as with other waiting staff walking throughout.

The cabin, which featured rows of seats, had spacious recliners with a row of single seats and a row of two seats.

Each chair even had trendy green cushions and white pillows, along with enough leg-room for even the taller guests (Tristan Thompson is 6ft9).

Other touches include personalised napkins with "Kim 40" on them, while passengers were seen playing card games or mingling in the cabin.

She first revealed the trip on social media, writing: "After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time."

"We danced, rode bikes, swam near whales, kayaked, watched a movie on the beach and so much more."

She also admitted that she was "reminded how privileged" her life was, but her status since spawned a number of memes, and she was called "tone-deaf" and “out of touch” as many are still out of work or fighting for their lives due to the global pandemic.

One critic tweeted: “I don’t mind that they went on this trip but the audacity to post it for all to see is so out of touch with reality.

“The rich really don’t have sympathy for the poor and don’t have the common sense to see how shoving it in people’s faces is bad.”

Kim’s incredible all-access photos and videos showed her enjoying a lantern party on the beach, an outdoor film screening and a three-tier Barbie doll cake.

They were all housed in opulent beachside villas and taken out on daily excursions at a time when millions of people are broke and confined to their homes.

Angry fans also noticed that while she and her guests were enjoying A-list luxury, the local staff were expected to wear masks to wait on them hand and foot.

And they made the journey from California despite the state being under a non-essential travel ban.

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