I'm a frequent flyer and here's why I never board a plane without a pair of old headphones

OLD fashioned wired headphones are being phased out, with Bluetooth headphones becoming more common since the rise of Apple AirPods.

But a frequent flyer has revealed why she never boards a plane without a pair of old headphones – and they don't even fit her phone.

Joey Hadden explained that she usually uses Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with a lightning cable to connect to her iPhone when she's listening to music, podcasts or films.

But she reverts back to her old fashioned pair with an auxiliary jack when she takes a flight.

She told Insider: "While I usually use Bluetooth headphones or earbuds with a lightning cable that connects to my iPhone, neither is likely to allow me to watch a move on the seatback screen of a flight.

"That's because in my experience, airlines typically require a traditional aux jack to access the audio for inflight television shows, movies and games."

Some airlines, such as British Airways, offer free headphones to passengers so that they can use the in-flight entertainment even if they don't have compatible ones themselves.

But Joey said they can be uncomfortable so she always prefers to take her own.

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She said: "I always keep a pair of cheap earbuds in my carry on. They're comfortable to wear for hours at a time and the sounds is decent.

"I find them far superior to the ones onboard."

The need for old fashioned headphones may soon become a thing of the past.

Aviation website Simple Flying reported that two US airlines are working on a system where passengers can connect to the inflight entertainment with their own personal device.

That means they can connect to it using their own Bluetooth headphones and won't need to use the ones given to them on the plane.

However, that hasn't been unveiled yet, so for now passengers will still need old fashioned headphones to use the inflight entertainment.

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