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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the big mistake passengers travelling with hand luggage always make.

Kristie Koerbel has been a flight attendant for more than 20 years, and said she has "seen it all".

However, she said that travellers who have suitcases often assume they have paid for the space above them – although this isn't correct.

She told New York Times: "The bins are first-come, first-serve in economy class.

"You don’t own the spot directly above your seat, and it’s not acceptable to take out someone else’s bag to make yours fit.

"Sliding bags to maximize space is fine, but save the complex puzzle solving for the flight attendant."

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She added that small bags should be by your feet, as only big bags go in the overhead bins.

This isn't the case if you are in the emergency exit rows though – as everything needs to be in the lockers.

Travel Editor Lindsay Rogers backed this up, saying overhead storage is on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

She continued: "It may be annoying, particularly when someone has room above their own seat and still, for reasons unclear, has opted for yours, or when you’re invariably forced to check your carry-on because there’s no more space on the aircraft, you aren’t entitled to anything."

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You might even be putting your suitcase in the lockers incorrectly.

Newer planes now require you to put your suitcase on its side rather than on its back.

United Airlines recently explained how to fit them in via a TikTok video, saying: "Overhead bins are equipped so you can put your suitcases in there upright like a taco, not flat like a hamburger."

If you are struggling with your bag, don't ask crew for help though – as they aren't allowed.

A flight attendant explained: "If we get hurt while putting that bag in the overhead bin, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.” 

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