I'm a Disney super-fan and here's the unusual item I always take – it's a lifesaver

A DISNEY super-fan has shared a 'life-saving' tip for people heading to the theme parks.

The Disney lover revealed the unusual item she always takes with her whenever she visits the parks – ziploc bags.

Tiktok user Emily said she always has bags on her as they are handy in a range of scenarios you might find yourself in at a Disney park.

In a video she said: "The most unexpected thing I always have on me in Disney World – ziploc bags. They have saved my lives many times.

"So let's run through a quick list. Food extras with picky kids, stuff you know you're going to have to pull out for security.

"Wet clothes and/or bathing suits – say you want to swim on that checkout day, you don't want that wet suit in with your clothes.

"And have you ever had sunscreen explode in your bag? Bring a zippy."

The video has been watched nearly 10,000 times and viewers were big fans of the advice.

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Someone put: "Hell yes, I thought I was just a crazy person for doing this."

Others commented on how plastic bags can also be used to keep electronics dry when it rains or you go on water rides.

One person wrote: "Also great for water rides! They keep your phone and other things nice and dry and safe."

Another put: "They are also good for when it rains for electronics."

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