I'm a Disney expert and here's the cheapest and quietest time to visit Disneyland Paris

A DISNEY expert has revealed the cheapest and quietest time to visit Disneyland Paris.

Travel planner Martin Ross has shared a tip for picking the quietest time to visit Disneyland Paris – don't go during the French school holidays.

He explained that avoiding French school holidays will have a huge impact on how busy the park will be, as families will often take trips while the kids are off school.

While most English and French school holidays are at the same time, there is a key one that doesn't overlap, and Martin said that is both the quietest and cheapest time to go.

He told Sun Online Travel: "If you've got kids and you're bound by school holidays then definitely go in May half term because the French kids aren't on school holidays so the parks are much quieter.

"On top of that, it's also a lovely time of year to visit France because the weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot."

While nice weather will definitely make the trip more enjoyable, Martin explained that it can also make the trip longer.

He said: "Because it's sunnier than in the winter, the parks stay open later – most days until 9.30pm or 10pm. That means you get longer in the park because it's open for more hours."

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While it's one of the quietest times of year to visit the park, on the face of it, it isn't the cheapest. However, Martin explained that if you work out how much time you'll get in the park, May does end up being the cheapest time of year to go.

He said: "If you look at the actual cost of the holiday, January is the cheapest time of year to go, but the park shuts at 6pm because it gets dark.

"But In May the park stays open much later so if you work it out, May is cheaper per hour than January, which, in a way, makes it the cheapest month to visit."

Additionally, Martin recommended going to Disneyland during February half term, which is also fairly quiet and cheap.

He said: "February half term is a good time to go because French families tend to go skiing. So although the school holidays do overlap, hardly any French people go to the park so it's normally fairly quiet."

He went on to explain when the busiest times of year to visit are and, unsurprisingly, he said Christmas can be "totally manic".

He said: "Over October half term, the French have two weeks of holiday, so at the end of October and beginning of November it's very busy in the park.

"Then over all of December is totally manic with Christmas and New Year's Eve so I wouldn't recommend going then, especially if it's your first time."

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