I'm a cruise expert and there are 5 rule breakers that will get you kicked off – and it's easier than you think

HOPPING onboard a cruise ship and setting sail for sunnier skies is a dream holiday for a lot of Brits.

But it could quickly turn into a nightmare if you get booted off before the holiday ends.

Aside from the obvious rules about not being violent or bringing illegal substances onboard, a cruise expert has revealed five ways people commonly get kicked off a ship, so you know to avoid doing them.

1. Incorrect documents

Forgetting your passport or not having a visa for one of the destinations might get you kicked off a cruise before it's even left the port.

Even though you're not catching flights and going through airports, the cruise ship will still dock do you need to have the right documents to be allowed to get on at the start of a trip.

Erica Silverstein is a travel writer who has taken cruises all around the world.

She told USA Today: "While in certain cases, the ship can procure a collective visa so you don't have to get an individual one, if it's your responsibility to have your papers in order and you don't, the only thing cruise staff can do is show you the door."

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2. Get ill

No one ever wants to get ill while they're on holiday, but if you get seriously poorly you'll have to get off the boat.

If you get a bit of travel sickness or a tummy bug, you'll be able to go to the doctor onboard, but it it's anything life-threatening, like a heart attack or a stroke, you'll need to go to hospital.

Although getting ill isn't an intentional rule breaker, cruise ships do have rules in place which say sick people need to get off.

It's a sad way for a holiday to be cut short, but definitely better in the long run to receive emergency medical treatment.

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3. Disorderly conduct

We all know that when Brits go abroad we like to have a drink or two, but if you start falling all over the place and getting lairy, you might be booted off the boat.

Disorderly conduct isn't tolerated onboard a cruise ship, and any perpetrators will be dealt with by security staff.

The rule doesn't just apply to people who are drunk – adults, teens and kids all have to abide by the ship's codes of conduct, and if they break the rules, they can be removed.

4. Be rude to staff

In the same vein, rudeness to staff won't be accepted and if you insult or offend someone working on deck, you might face the wrath of the captain.

Erica said: "The captain is the ruler of the ship, the onboard world is not a democracy – tick of the captain or abuse their staff, and they have the right to send you packing."

5. Break quarantine

If you show signs of an infectious disease onboard, the doctor might order you to stay in your cabin for a certain amount of time to make sure you don't infect anyone else.

While most sick people would prefer to be curled up in the privacy of their cabin, if you recover quickly you might think about making a break for it.

If you get caught sneaking out of your room to grab some food or taking a quick stroll on the deck, crew could get you removed.

Erica said: "If you break quarantine and you and your germs are caught roaming around the ship, you can be disembarked if the captain and crew think you are putting others at risk."

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