I was left feeling sick after the man behind me put his dirty and smelly feet on my armrest | The Sun

A PLANE passenger was disgusted when a man rested his "smelly and dirty" feet on her armrest during a flight.

Pornpreeya Keng, 27, boarded a low-cost Vietnam Airlines flight from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam earlier this summer.

But as she settled in her seat to enjoy the view out of the window, an offensive odour suddenly irritated her nose.

When she looked down, she saw the source of the smell – a man's bare foot was poking through from the seat behind and propped up on her armrest.

Footage from onboard the flight shows a visibly disturbed Keng recording the events, while sitting next to the offending feet.

Keng said the inconsiderate passenger kept moving around to find a better sleeping position, causing the smell to intensify, claiming it even made her feel dizzy.

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She said: "I tried to shift in my seat to make him aware of my discomfort, but he didn't notice me.

"I felt uncomfortable, but I did not want to confront him directly, so I took a video of his poor manners."

Keng later called the attention of a flight attendant, who instructed the man to remove his feet on her behalf.

Keng then disinfected her armrest with some wet wipes and used a menthol nasal inhaler to clear her sinuses of the smell.

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She added: "His feet were smelly and dirty. I felt it was unhygienic to have them on the armrest, so I disinfected it afterwards with an alcohol wipe.

"Everyone should educate themselves on proper flight etiquette. If anyone experiences what I did, inform the flight attendant and ask for help."

The rules are pretty clear for passengers who want to stretch their feet out during flights, according to Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant.

Firstly, keep them covered up, secondly, keep them within the confines of your seat space.

They said: "Everyone's boarding card has a number and a letter on it highlighting exactly which section of plane they have paid for.

"Their feet, attached to their body, should never leave this area while passengers are seated and should always stay as far away from other people as possible.

"Anyone who insists on stretching out, should at the very least make sure their feet are covered up, be it with socks or preferably shoes.

"Some people wait until they're sat down, in a small space in close proximity with total strangers, to get their feet out and I cannot for the life of me understand why they do it. It's horrendous."

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