How the 'ranger roll' technique will save you so much space in your luggage – it's even used by the military | The Sun

A TRAVEL whizz has revealed the "ranger roll" technique popular with the military which can save you lots of space in your luggage.

Posting on TikTok under the username Remy, he explained exactly how the handy technique worked.

Ranger-rolled clothes take up less space in your suitcase and keep it better organised.

Remy showed how you fold the sleeves in to make a square shape before folding the hem up underneath the shirt.

The next step in the genius hack is to fold in the shirt from the sides towards the centre point, before folding it in half once more.

The TikToker then showed his viewers how to roll the shirt up perfectly, leaving just a tiny pocket cylinder which takes up minimal space.

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As it helps pack far more into a single bag the ranger roll technique means less money shelled out for extra luggage.

You can also roll up outfits — shirt, socks, underwear — together into a single, action-ready pouch.

The only drawback is that it takes time to perfect this roll compared to simple folds, so get practicing!

One said: "It's a good technique when you're packing a tramping pack, but it does wrinkle your clothes."

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While another wrote: "I always do this whenever I go on a vacation or swimming it's very convenient."

An impressed viewer wrote: "Packing like this has changed my life. Been doing it for years.

"I save so much space and get to pack more stuff."

But others weren't completely convinced by the method.

One TikToker said: "Would this really help packing a suit case?

"Isn’t it the same mass and volume, so you’ll just have the same amount in the suitcase in a different way?

While another was worried that their clothes would be "wrinkled and creased" by using the technique.

It comes as one woman revealed the clever travel bag she packs for a weekend break – and people are comparing it to Mary Poppins.

The video starts with Lisa showing off her green travel bag of a medium size, and viewers would be forgiven for thinking it couldn't hold all that much.

But the TikToker shows how the incredible bag is able to be unfolded completely, providing maximum space for your cargo.

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Meanwhile, another mum has revealed a ‘genius’ packing item that costs just £6. 

And a travel expert has shared her tip on the best way to pack to save space in your suitcase.

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