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RYANAIR is one of Europe's most popular airlines, helping people travel across the continent.

Here, we look at the airlines rules when it comes to cancellations and what else they offer in this case.

How do you cancel a Ryanair flight?

Unfortunately, Ryanair does not let passengers cancel flights and get their money back.

The airline says customers can't get a refund if the flight is operational and isn't delayed by more than five hours.

However, if you can't make your original booking, you may want to consider changing your flight to a later date by using Ryanair's rebooking policy.

To do this you need to go to "My Bookings" online to make the alterations.


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However if you have already checked in then you will need to talk to a Ryanair operator on their live chat.

If Ryanair cancels your flight then you are entitled to either apply for a refund or change your cancelled flight for free.

How much does it cost to change a Ryanair flight?

While you cannot cancel a flight, but you can change it.

This includes changing the flight date, time or route, which can be done up to 2.5 hours before travelling, while names changes can be done two hours before the flight.

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Any flight changes cost £45 online or £60 at the airport as well as any differences in fare to changes route, time or dates.

If you are looking to fully change the name on the booking, it costs £115 at the time of the booking or £160 at the airport.

Will I get my money back?

If Ryanair has cancelled your flight then you will get a full refund.

Full refunds should be processed within seven working days.

Vouchers can be used to purchase any flights available on our network.

If YOU want to cancel the flight then you will not receive a refund but can check to see if your travel insurance will pay out for your losses.

If your flight is cancelled there are two options available to you to choose from. You can either apply for a refund or change your cancelled flight for free.

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