Hotel worker reveals hidden item in the bathroom – and people are comparing it to a horror film

IF you have ever stayed in a hotel room then you have probably seen a strange item stuck to the wall in the bathroom.

A hotel worker has shared a video on Tiktok revealing that it is actually a clothesline – although people have said it is like something from a horror film.

The woman, who uses the handle @hotel_hacks_, showed her 42,000 followers how the line worked.

She said: "Did you ever look at your hotel shower and wonder what the heck is that? Let me show you."

She then pulled the line from the circular holder and dragged it to the opposite wall which had a catch for it to hook into.

The result was a washing line across the bath.

She said: "Use it to hand your wet wash cloths, bathing suits and anything else you need to air dry."

The video has been watched more than 20,000 times, with some people commenting that they didn't know that's what it was used for.

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She pulled the line from the circular holder and dragged it to the other side of the bath
She slotted the line into a hook on the opposite wall
The end result was a washing line stretched across the length of the bath

However, a lot of viewers were far more concerned that the line reminded them of a gruesome death in the horror film Final Destination.

One person wrote: "No thank you Final Destination," while another commented: "Final Destination death."

A third put: "*Finished watching crime/murder show* well that's just convenient for murder."

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