Fascinating map shows how the Pornstar Martini is world No.1 cocktail

What the world likes to DRINK: Fascinating map shows how the Pornstar Martini is the No.1 cocktail (but the Pina Colada is top in America and Aussies like Espresso Martinis) 

  • The map sees country names supplemented by the name of the cocktail that its residents search for most  
  • There were more than 18.4million searches worldwide for Pornstar Martini and it is number one in the UK 
  • Pina Coladas were Googled 10.5million times, and Aperol Spritz came third with over 8.2million searches

A reworked world map has revealed the most popular cocktails around the globe – and it’s the Pornstar Martini that’s the runaway winner.

On the map – generated using Google search data – country names have been supplemented by their residents’ most-searched-for cocktail.

There were over 18.4million searches worldwide for Pornstar Martini, with the Pina Colada – top in America – ranking second with 10.5million searches and the Aperol Spritz in third with more than 8.2million registered searches.

On this map, country names have been supplemented by their residents’ most-searched-for cocktail

The map has been drawn up by lingerie and swimwear brand Pour Moi, which used the Google data to establish the search volume in each country for terms associated with cocktails over one year.

The top-ranked tipple was invented by London bartender Douglas Ankrah in 2002, who dreamt up the name ‘Pornstar Martini’ after a trip to a gentlemen’s club in Cape Town.

The UK is one of many countries where the Pornstar Martini – a combination of passionfruit liquor, passionfruit juice, vanilla vodka and a prosecco chaser – is the most searched for.

Second-place Pina Colada, which originated in Puerto Rico, is a blend of coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum, and not only is it the firm favourite in the United States, but also in Russia and Mexico.

As for Europe, the UK prefers Pornstar Martinis, while Aperol Spritz is the clear favourite in Scandinavia


1. Pornstar Martini – 18.4million searches

2. Pina Colada – 10.5million searches

3. Aperol Spritz – 8.2million searches

4. Sangria – 7.6million searches

5. Negroni – 6.9million searches 

Source: Pour Moi 

6. Espresso Martini – 5.5million searches

7. Long Island Ice Tea – over 4.4million searches

8. Caipirinha – 4.3million searches

9. Daiquiri – 3.8million searches 

10. Mojito – 2.8million searches  


Bronze medal winner Aperol Spritz, combining Aperol, prosecco and a dash of soda water, earned the number one spot in Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Pour Moi said: ‘The distinctive orange cocktail of Aperol Spritz has taken the world by storm in recent years, but Italians have been loving this bubbly and bitter cocktail since 1919.’

Made with red wine and chopped fruit, Sangria (7.6million searches) is the fourth most popular cocktail, ranking in first place in Argentina and Thailand.

Fifth to the finish line is the Negroni (6.9million searches), a mixture of Campari, sweet red vermouth and gin that is favoured by Uruguay and Paraguay.

Coffee lovers will appreciate number five – the Espresso Martini (5.5million searches). It’s made with vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup – and reached the top spot in Australia and Iceland.

Combining vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and cola, the Long Island Ice Tea (4.4million searches), is the sixth most popular cocktail worldwide, though it doesn’t achieve number one status in any country.

In the U.S, the preference for each state has been revealed – New Yorkers are keen on Negronis, while Texans drink Daiquiris 

Top-rated in Brazil and Portugal and seventh overall, the Caipirinha (4.3million searches), is a refreshing combination of cachaca, sugar, and lime.

Next is the Daiquiri (3.8 million searches), beloved by Oman, Cuba and the Bahamas, and made with rum, citrus juice, and sugar.

Finally, in tenth place – and the most-desired in France and Japan – comes the summery Mojito (2.8million searches), blending white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and spearmint with ice.

As well as a world map, Pour Moi has also drawn up maps with regional breakdowns of the search data.

Aperol Spritzes are commonly searched-for in Canada, while Pornstar Martinis are the most popular choice in the Caribbean islands 

When it comes to Europe’s most-searched-for tipples, Aperol Spritz is the clear favourite in Scandinavia, while countries along the Mediterranean are more divided – Italy and Malta fancy a glass of Sangria, but the Spanish plump for a Pina Colada.

In the United States of America, the preference for each state has been revealed, with Californians and New Yorkers opting for Negronis, while the Southern states of Texas and Louisiana are searching for Daiquiris the most.

The Canadians, meanwhile, search overwhelming for the Aperol Spritz, while Pornstar Martinis are the most popular choice in the Caribbean islands.

Sangria takes the lead in South America, claiming number one in the likes of Colombia and Peru

Espresso Martinis are the most-searched-for amongst Australians and New Zealanders, while Fijians savour the Pornstar Martini

Travelling down the map to South America, Sangria takes the lead, bagging number one in the likes of Colombia and Peru, while Chileans crave a Pina Colada.

Moving across the globe to Oceania, Espresso Martinis are not only the most-searched-for amongst Australians but also by New Zealanders, while Fijians savour the Pornstar Martini.

In Asia, the Pornstar Martini is also highly sought-after, taking the number one spot in India, Pakistan and Cambodia, while Negronis are Googled more than any other cocktail in China.

Pina Coladas are popular in Russia and Vietnam, whereas the Chinese favour Negronis 

The Pornstar Martini is the most sought-after cocktail in Africa, with the Pina Colada unable to make any serious inroads

The Pornstar Martini is also the overwhelming victor in Africa, with fans in 23 countries racking up huge search volumes everywhere from Mali to Kenya.

Reflecting on the data, Pour Moi founder Michael said: ‘For us Britons, this summer may be more about garden and park cocktails rather than poolside sips abroad – but that doesn’t make creating your favourite summer tipple any less enjoyable.

‘We were curious to discover the world’s most popular drinks – from mouth-watering martinis to scrummy spritzes – and turned to Google search data to find out what cocktails the world is most obsessed with.’

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