Ex-hotel manager reveals why you should never use toiletries in room

Former hotel manager reveals gross reason why you should NEVER use the toiletries in your room

  • A TikTok video advising hotel guests not to use certain toiletries has gone viral
  • Frightened guests have responded saying they will never stay in a hotel again

A former hotel manager has revealed why guests should avoid using the toiletries in their room.

In a viral TikTok video, Melissa Hanks shared two things she would never use while staying at a hotel.

The TikTok was posted in response to a comment which told people not to use the coffee maker. 

Hanks said: ‘As a former hotel manager and an avid coffee drinker I will never use the coffe machine in a hotel room.’

Sharing footage of a coffee maker, Hanks said the filter is never washed despite her seeing people brewing things other than water. 

The video showed two reusable toiletry pumps which Hanks warned never to use. 

She claimed she had seen bodily fluids in refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles, and advised not to use them unless they’re locked.

‘I’ve seen Nair and god knows what else in there,’ she said.

The video has gained over 1.7 million views and has received thousands of comments from frightened hotel guests. 

‘I just used the refillable shampoo yesterday, and now I’m freaked out,’ one user commented.

Another said: ‘Why did I have to see this while I’m staying in the hotel?’ 

While one person said: ‘I will never use anything in a room again!!!’ 

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Other hotel workers shared their stories in the comments. One said: ‘I worked at a resort and watched the housekeeper wipe the toilet then use that same rag to wipe off the coffee pot.’

One person commented: ‘As a former housekeeping manager at Disney I also NEVER use glass cups in rooms.’

Another commented: ‘After being a housekeeper at a hotel, I just never want to stay in one ever again.’ 

Hanks has shared a series of videos offering hotel advice to her 68,000 followers on TikTok, including things she does when staying in hotels.

She shares tips from how to request new toiletries to how to strip the bedding.

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