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Easyjet increases fees for infants and passengers who check in new bags at airport

The price hike of more than 13 per cent was implemented earlier this month.

According to MoneySavingExpert.com, the airline also raised the prices that it charges passengers for checking in a new bag at the airport.

The consumer website revealed that the charge for carry-on luggage that is too large, or extra hold luggage, to be processed at the check-in desk has gone up from £37 to £40.

For passengers who wait until the boarding gate to check in carry-on luggage that is too big, the charge has gone up from £47 to £50.

A spokesperson told them: “Whilst our cheapest fares can be similar to the infant fee, this simply demonstrates that our lowest fares help families keep down the cost of their flights."

They continued: "The infant fee covers a luggage allowance for parents of two items of hold luggage like a push chair, travel cot or car seat and covers the airport charges levied on Easyjet.

“Our low fares also include one cabin bag free of charge with no weight restriction as long as the bag satisfies the size requirements."

EasyJet has continued to allow passengers to take an item of carry-on luggage for free on their planes, despite the new rules being introduced by Ryanair next month that will charge travellers.

The airline recently announced that it would start charging passengers £8 (€8) for a second piece of hand luggage to go into the plane’s hold, which is currently free to bring on board.

Passengers are allowed to bring one small item such as a laptop or handbag on board for free.

Currently, only priority booking passengers can bring two bags of hand luggage into the cabin for free but non-priority passengers can take one small bag into the cabin and put a second bag in the hold for no extra cost

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