Dad reveals very clever hack when flying with four kids – and people say he's saved £1000 | The Sun

A SAVVY dad has revealed a clever hack when flying with four kids, and people say he has saved £1,000.

The money-saver took to social media to share the genius tip to avoid being out of pocket at the airport.

Low-budget holidaymakers often get slapped with hefty prices for food at the airport or while boarding the plane.

Airports often overcharge for food and drink that can be far cheaper on the outside.

Parents travelling with kids can have a hard time not splashing on snacks and treats if their children are hungry.

To save money, it is best to come prepared and only buy things if you really need them.

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Luckily, a dad-of-four has now revealed a way to keep your children fed throughout trip without having to splash too much cash.

User r/MadeMeSmile said: "My wife and I are taking a six-hour flight with our four kids tomorrow. I had fun putting together their in-flight meal."

He posted a picture on Reddit showing a mouth-watering spread of four sandwiches and food perfectly packed in sealing bags.

The dad packed four bags containing apples, carrots and grapes.

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And a few snacks for his little ones – including cheese sticks, Babybel bites and cheddar.

The post has already amassed more than 16,000 views on Reddit with hundreds of people sharing the tip with fellow travellers.

Almost 1,000 users flocked to the comments sections to share their thoughts and opinions.

One praised the tip and said the genius hack saved him £822 ($1,000) in food.

The user said: "You just saved $1,000 by not feeding them at the airport or on the plane!"

A fellow traveller also warned others to always plan their journey ahead after splashing on hundreds in food at the airport.

The holidaymaker was slapped with a £164 ($200) bill at the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport.

"Honestly feeding three people at the SeaTac airport was nearly $200. So expensive.

"Planning ahead is definitely worth the effort," the user fumed.

Others were left shock by the hack and said they didn't know people could bring food to a flight.

One said: "I wasn’t aware that you could take food on a flight."

However, other people told the dad he should have had a meal included in his six-flight.

Another added: "Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't you get a meal on a six-hour flight? I've only never had a meal on flights of four hours or less."

It comes as another travel expert revealed a top airport hack that will save you money on the plane.

Savvy Julia Ferrarro took to social media to share how she took a home-made sandwich to a Ryanair flight.

Meanwhile, a mum revealed how passengers can use a simple trick to get free drinks and snacks at airports across the country.

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