Cruise ship rescues two people from sea after their plane crashed as stunned passengers watch on

They were spotted by the Regal Princess cruise ship after falling into trouble.

The US Coast Guard in Miami had sent an aircraft to the site and contacted the ship's captain for help, according to the Miami New Times.

The Regal Princess happened to be in the area at the time as it was sailing on to St Thomas.

In a video, passengers could be seen watching the rescue from a deck on the cruise liner.

Many of them cheered the crew on as the boat headed towards the couple, and gave a round of applause after they picked them up.

After the boat returned to the cruise ship, the person filming asked "did they get them?" before cheers and another round of applause.

He said: "That's amazing" while watching the successful rescue.

Taylor Ensign, who also filmed the event, tweeted: "Just heard the captain say both people are doing well. We are back on our original course."

Princess Cruises tweeted: "A small plane crashed in the Caribbean Sea, and the @USCG called on our Regal Princess crew to assist with the rescue.

"We're happy to report both people are now safely onboard as the ship continues to St Thomas!"

Taylor commented: "From the moment Captain Stringer made the ‘Man Overboard’ announcement to the time the 2 individuals were brought to medical on our ship, the Regal crew and staff were amazing.

"The bridge was very communicative about what was happening the entire time. Unbelievable all around."

Another tweeted: "Well done to Captain Stringer & his team onboard Regal @PrincessCruises for going to the rescue of two passengers of a small aircraft that ditched in the sea. Amazing work."

The cruise ship continued on it's journey with it due to return to Port Everglades on March 10.

Another cruise ship managed to rescue three fisherman off the coast of Great Yarmouth after their boat sank.

Passengers broke into applause on the Pacific Princess after the successful rescue.

Sun Online Travel previously reported an incident during a cruise holiday which saw a number of passengers injured after high winds of 115mph caused the ship to list.

Sun Online Travel has contacted Princess Cruises for additional comment.

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