Couple reveal how they get 'more room than first class' when booking economy flights | The Sun

A COUPLE have revealed their clever strategy for getting extra leg room on planes, while still sitting in economy.

Free upgrades are extremely rare, while paying to sit in first class can be a very expensive option.

However, there are ways to increase the amount of space available to you, while staying in the cheap seats.

Tiktok money saver Mark, who goes by the moniker Finance Unfolded (@financeunfolded), comes up with lots of different ways to make cash go further.

In a recent video he showed how as a couple he and his partner are able to get extra room, without paying for a pricey upgrade.

In fact, he claims they "literally get more room than first class" using their hack.

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In the video, he said that he never books seats next to his girlfriend in order to achieve their goal of extra space.

Instead they book the aisle and window seat in one of the back rows of the plane, leaving the middle seat between them empty.

The idea is that, if the plane isn't full, it is very unlikely that someone will be allocated the seat in between them.

He said: "You should never book a seat next to your girlfriend on the plane.

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"Instead of booking seats next to each other, book the aisle and the window seat in the back of the plane.

"This is the most likely seat to be left empty on a flight, giving you the whole row to yourself."

However, if the flight is full and you do find yourself with a stranger sitting between you and your partner, because the middle seat is generally considered to be the worst, they won't have any problems swapping.

Then, at the very least you're sat next to your partner for the flight.

Mark continued: "In the worst case, if it is a full flight, everyone's happy to switch out of the middle seat, so you can sit together."

The video has been seen more than four million times, with lots of viewers keen to try the method themselves.

One said: "Pretty smart."

Another wrote: "That's what me and my girlfriend will do 100%."

A third added: "My husband and I always do this trick."

For anyone who wants to try their luck and get a free upgrade, a gift is a good place to start.

However, flight attendants are picky and only certain gifts will get you moved to first class, if at all.

One told Sun Online Travel: "We get people coming up to us with their gifts all the time, we'll thank them, then they'll stand there, waiting, as if we haven't realised that we need to give them something in return.

"If you do insist on giving us chocolate, make sure we can all enjoy it.

"The best passenger we've ever had gave us a load of Nandos gift vouchers and it went down a storm.

"That person definitely ended up in first class that day."

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