Can I travel to Portugal from the UK? Quarantine rules, air bridge plans and coronavirus restrictions explained

PORTUGAL has been left off the UK's air bridge list – meaning a holiday is looking unlikely this summer.

The UK government has released the full list of countries with air bridge agreements, meaning from July 10, Brits won't have to quarantine when returning home.

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This doesn't mean that Brits won't have to quarantine abroad, as this depends on the restrictions at the destination, but the travel guidance of non-essential travel will be lowered by tomorrow.

Portugal, despite wanting the two million Brits who visit every year back, has been excluded from the list.

The country has seen a spike in cases, particularly in Lisbon, leading to the holiday travel corridor snub.

Portugal officials have previously slammed the decision, with Home affairs minister Eduardo Cabrita previously telling local media: "Portugal has better public health indicators and better pandemic response indicators than the United Kingdom.

"So there's no reason, according to all the comparative criteria, for the existence of any application of quarantine rules on return to the United Kingdom."

Here is everything you need to know about travelling to Portugal this summer.

Can I travel to Portugal on holiday now?

Travelling to Portugal is not advised as you will still need to quarantine for two weeks when returning to the UK.

The UK Foreign Office still warns against non-essential travel to mainland Portugal – this is not the same for Madeira or the Azores, where the advisory has been lifted.

Tourists in mainland Portugal will require a health screening on arrival while Madeira will enforce a a 72-hour-prior-arrival coronavirus test or test on arrival, waiting 12 hours at accommodation.

The Azores will also need a 72-hour-prior-arrival negative coronavirus or a test on arrival, waiting 48 hours in quarantine.

Holidays longer than a week will require the test again after six days.

What are the current restrictions in Portugal I need to know about?

Authorities are recommending face masks are worn in public places which are indoors, such as restaurants and shops, but are not enforcing fines on anyone who doesn't.

A curfew is currently in place from 8pm in some parts of Lisbon after the spike in coronavirus cases, while gatherings are limited to just 10 people.

Beaches have reopened to tourists, however, along with hotels in other parts of the country.

The Algarve has introduced new safety measures at beaches, including traffic light systems to show the capacity levels, while sun umbrellas are 3m apart.

Are flights running to Portugal?

Ryanair and easyJet have resumed limited flights to Portugal this month after months of being grounded.

Faro, Portugal and Lisbon routes from the UK.

Wizz Air relaunched flights to Portugal from London Luton in June.

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