Can I get fined for sneaking my pet into a hotel?

BRITAIN is a nation of animal-lovers and when it comes to our beloved pets, there is little we wouldn't do for them.

But what do owners do when they are spending a night in a hotel – and can they take their pet with them?

Most hotels are not pet-friendly and explicitly say on their websites that pets are not welcome on the premises – with the exception of assistance dogs.

So what would happen if you tried to sneak your pet cat, dog, rabbit or snake into your hotel room?

Sadly, you would be fined and, in some cases, kicked out of the hotel, leaving you and your pet out in the cold, according to Pets Travel Guide.

Some hotels might charge an additional amount for a cleaning service, and you could be liable for any damage your pet caused during your stay.

But it's not all bad news for owners – some budget hotels do have pet-friendly options, making them a cheap and easy choice for owners wanting a night away.

Travelodge has a range of animal-friendly hotel for owners who don't want to leave their pet at home.

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When booking a room on the budget hotel website, guests just need to add their pet as an extra and they will be welcomed inside.

Some Hilton hotels also welcome pets, and go as far as to provide food bowls and blankets to keep pets happy and comfortable.

However, other hotels do not waiver on their no-pets rule, such as Premier Inn.

In 2019, the budget hotel chain apologised after it turned away a woman and her dog during a snow storm in Cornwall.

After being forced to abandon her car, the 38-year-old woman was told she couldn't stay at the hotel because dogs weren't allowed on the premises, according to Cornwall Live.

If you know you want to take your pet on a night away, it's probably best to book an animal-friendly hotel so you don't need to worry.

The Good Hotel Guide has revealed the UK's hop hotels for dogs and their owners.

See inside New York's luxurious hotel for dogs – with pedicures, double beds and dog-friendly TV.

These are the hotels across the UK that do room service for dogs – with steak tartare and sushi on the menu.

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