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BRITS heading to Portugal have been given a welcome boost as more rules are eased for holidaymakers.

Last month, Portugal scrapped mandatory face masks in public spaces.

Face masks were previously still required when on any public transport, such as flights, buses and taxis.

However, this is no longer advised, according to the UK Foreign Office.

Instead, it is "recommended" they are worn in certain places.

The advice currently states: "You should wear your face covering, as appropriate, when you enter buildings and keep it on until you leave."

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Face masks must still be worn in hospitals and nursing homes.

Brits heading to Madeira or the Azores are also being warned to check the travel rules as they can differ from the mainland.

In Madeira, face masks are needed in pharmacies as well, as well as for 10 days if testing positive for Covid.

In the Azores, face masks are needed in the same health facilities, which also require a negative Covid test to enter them.

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Other popular holiday destinations have ditched their Covid rules.

Back in May, Greece scrapped all of its restrictions, with face masks not needed since June.

June also saw Egypt ditching the Covid restrictions for tourists, followed by France last month.

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In July, Malta scrapped all of its Covid entry requirements.

And since last week, Spain no longer requires a health control form from Brits to enter the country.

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