Biggest free perk in hotels set to be banned – but some people say it's a good thing | The Sun

NEW EU rules could soon prevent hotel guests from making the most of in-room perks and freebies.

One thing people love about staying in hotels is the access to free toiletries, but miniature shampoo and shower gel bottles could soon become a thing of the past.

Rules proposed by the European Union aiming to ban single-use packaging would prevent hotels from providing guests with the mini toiletries.

A report from the EU Commission has called for tough measures to tackle "this constantly growing source of waste" with the mini bottle ban one of several rules they are putting forward.

The report claims that each European generates almost 180kg of packaging waste per year and predicts a 46 per cent increase in plastic packaging waste by 2030.

As such, they are calling for "certain forms of packaging" to be banned as well as "clearly unnecessary packaging".

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That includes single-use packaging for food and beverages in restaurants and cafes, single-use packaging for fruits and vegetables, miniature shampoo bottles and other miniature packaging in hotels.

They also aim to provide reusable packaging options, get rid of unnecessary packaging, limit overpackaging, and provide clear labels to support correct recycling.

The rules will have to be approved by both EU member states and the European parliament before they are brought in.

However, in 2019 laws to ban some common single use items, like plastic cutlery, stirrers and straws, were successfully implemented.

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European Commission executive vice-president Frans Timmermans said: “The proposals to reduce packaging waste, promote reuse and refill, increase the use of recycled plastics, and make it easier to recycle packaging.

"European citizens are eager to be rid of overpackaging.”

Pascal Canfin, MEP and chair of the European parliament’s environment committee said: "The text proposed by the Commission is the most ambitious text in the world in terms of packaging management – for a continent. This is a major step forward."

Some people actively avoid using the products in hotel bathrooms anyway, including a hotel reviewer.

''Do not and I repeat – do not use the toiletries in your bathroom, '' said the TikTok user, @hotel_hacks_.

''If you don't want a yeast infection or severely dry skin, '' she added, ''Then listen up.''

According to her, all the toiletries are ''just a watered down perfume mess''.

''I don't even know what they put in there.''

She then revealed which brands, in her opinion, are safe to shower with.

''The only ones I recommend using are the ones you find in luxury hotels, like this one that you find in Ritz-Carlton.''

Other hotels have already started introducing larger bottles in bathrooms – fixed to walls so they can't be nicked – which are shared by guests.

This is to reduce both plastic waste and the amount they spend on the products.

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Meanwhile, this woman was left stunned after she took the toiletries home with her, only to be asked for them back.

And this £22 item allows you to pack all your favourite toiletries, without taking up too much space in your suitcase.

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