Americans have no idea how to butter sandwiches – and Brits can't handle it | The Sun

A BRITISH tourist has sparked huge debate after he asked his sandwich to be buttered while in the US – only to get back something very bizarre.

They explained that they were on holiday in Michigan with their dad when they ordered a takeaway sandwich.

They wrote on Reddit: "They don't butter their sandwiches across the pond.

"This is what happened when my Dad asked for his to be buttered."

The picture showed the sandwich in a styrofoam container – with the outside of the sandwich buttered rather than the inside.

The Reddit poster later admitted that America does "lots of food well" like burgers and BBQs, but added: "Sandwiches are not something they do well.

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"The bread is garbage and the butter is garbage."

Many people were rightly stunned by how they were served the snack.

One person said: "Are they f****** stupid?"

Someone else commented: "I'd ask for a refund. That looks like they are taking the piss."

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However, lots of Americans chimed in who were confused by the concept of butter inside a sandwich.

One wrote: "American here. Equally confused. You butter the inside of your sandwich bread?

Another said: "My girlfriend is from the US and when I asked her if she'd buttered the bread for a sandwich she looked at me like I'd just grown a second head."

A third also said: "If you'd have asked me to butter the bread, I would've done the same thing."

Lots of people suggested they could have buttered the outside in case they thought it was being toasted.

It's not the first time a debate has been sparked between Americans and Europeans.

A waitress slammed a group of European tourists after she said they didn't tip her enough when they left $70 on a $700 check.

Some Americans agreed with her, while other tourists said that was still a huge tip.

And a holidaymaker recently sparked debate over how many pairs of underwear should be taken on holiday.

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