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MORE than half of holidaymakers admit the stress of preparing for a trip – including packing and potentially forgetting something at home – takes the glow off what should be a dream trip.

The study of 2,000 holidaymakers found getting to the airport on time (57 per cent) and carrying heavy luggage (26 per cent) are among the main causes of stress.

In fact, the prospect of misplacing important travel documents also fills 23 per cent with angst.

The average traveller takes an average 27.6kg of luggage away with them, across checked and hand luggage – but 33 per cent admit they usually regret over-filling their cases.

And 25 per cent even questioned booking a holiday when they thought about how much luggage they’d need.

Six in 10 (62 per cent) have squabbled with loved ones about overpacking, because they know they’ll end up carrying it for them.

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While 41 per cent would feel less stressed if someone carried their luggage to the airport.

The research was commissioned by London Luton Airport to mark the launch of its new connection between Central London and London Luton Airport via the Luton Airport Express.

A spokesperson for the airport, which has also teamed up with American football team, London Blitz, to help passengers make journeys on the service easier, said: “We know that carrying heavy suitcases and bags can make the beginning of a holiday feel like hard work.

“And our research shows that luggage is one of the main causes of contention for travellers before embarking on their next adventure.

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“That's why we’ve teamed up with London Blitz to literally take the weight off their holidaymakers’ shoulders this weekend.”

The research went on to find one in eight holidaymakers (12 per cent) have even been brought to the verge of tears of frustration of having to lug their bags to the airport.

On average, those who travel start the process of packing their suitcases five days ahead of their trip – though some will start two weeks early.

And this takes the typical traveller a whopping 2.8 hours in total, with a tenth of respondents (11 per cent) doing the packing for themselves, their partner and kids, according to the data.

The spokesperson from London Luton Airport, which is offering complimentary luggage-carrying service for passengers on the Luton Airport Express train from London St. Pancras on Saturday 10th June, added: “With our research finding just how much luggage passengers are carrying – as well as how long it takes to get everything packed – we want our passengers to be able to start their holiday as soon as they board."


1.            Worrying about getting to the airport on time

2.            Getting through security

3.            Carrying heavy luggage

4.            Carrying multiple bags

5.            Journey to the airport

6.            Forgetting something at home

7.            Checking in on time

8.            Unexpected travel delays/ cancellations

9.            Losing important travel documents (passport, boarding pass, etc)

10.          Going over the luggage weight

11.          Being searched at security

12.          Keeping the children occupied

13.          Losing luggage/ bags

14.          Unable to hold/carry children along with luggage and bags

15.          Not being able to find a luggage trolley

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