YouTube reveals the UK's top trending videos for 2020

YouTube has published its list of the top-trending videos watched in the UK over the last twelve months.

Like parent company Google, this end-of-year list was heavily influenced by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The number one trending video of the year was Joe Wicks’ P.E. with Joe on Monday, March 23. The Body Coach became the nation’s P.E. teacher during the spring when the first lockdown was put in place across the UK.

‘What an incredible year. The pandemic has been really tough for everyone, but I’m so proud that I was able to help so many people with my workouts on YouTube,’ Wicks said in a statement.

‘I never could have imagined that ‘PE with Joe’ would take off the way it did, but it will always be one of my most proudest achievements.’

The second video on the list is a mukbang – a hugely popular type of eating show – hosted by the Sidemen channel, a group of popular YouTubers. This particular video was uploaded on June 28 and has, at the time of writing, nearly 18 million views.

Third on the list is an upload from ITV’s This Morning programme in which Phillip Schofield came out as gay.

Roya Zeitoune, the head of YouTube Culture & Trends, EMEA said: ‘2020 has brought about astounding change. It’s altered the way we work, communicate, learn and live. But Brits haven’t let this year’s challenges stop them.

‘Whether it’s gardening or a new skill in the kitchen, staying fit with Joe Wicks MBE or finding creative ways to keep British community alive with weekly pub quizzes from home, YouTube’s look back at 2020 proves that Brits have focused on overcoming adversity by participating in digital culture.

‘The UK turned to YouTube to find the content they love, shared by the people and voices they relate to and recognise. The access to authentic connection as well as unexpected joys are what YouTube is all about and why it remains on the cutting edge of culture.’

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