YouTube finally fixes the biggest problem with watching videos on your phone

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YouTube has just launched a brand new data saver mode for its Android and iOS apps that will end the nightmare of videos munching through your monthly data allowance. The new feature has been rolled out in a recent YouTube update, Android Police reported. The new data saver mode simplifies what resolution YouTube users want to watch a video in.

The YouTube app has long allowed users to set exactly what resolution they want to view a video in.

This can be accessed by hitting the three vertical dots button on a video to bring up the options, and then going into quality and then advanced to select your preferred resolution.

But if you’re in a rush, or aren’t that au fait with the YouTube menu system, then the app has now made deciding what resolution you want a whole lot simpler.

The new data saver mode is available on both Android and iOS and accessing it is straightforward.

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Once again, you’ll have to tap the three vertical dots button to bring up the menu.

Then, choose quality and you’ll be presented with four options: auto (recommended), higher picture quality, data saver and advanced.

If you need to cut back on your data usage then simply hit data saver to ensure your monthly data allowance doesn’t get eaten away too quickly.

The higher picture quality setting looks like 720p is the maximum resolution it will go to.

While data saver looks to max out at 480p, but can go as low as 144p if offered.

If you want to make sure YouTube always shows video in data saver mode then you set this as the default streaming option in the Settings section of the YouTube app.

To access the YouTube settings screen, go to Home and then click your user icon in the top right-hand corner.

Then, choose Settings and then scroll down to the video quality preferences section.

In this area, you can choose default playback options for Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

So, if you want data saver to kick in automatically on mobile networks for every video, but have a higher resolution on Wi-Fi then you can tinker with this in this section of the Settings.

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