Your password can be cracked in 3 seconds unless you take action on it today

Remembering passwords isn't easy for anyone—which is probably why so many people use the same one across different sites or keep them very simple.

But new research from Dojo suggests that the vast majority of us have weak passwords which could be cracked in seconds using the right tools.

Hundreds of thousands of passwords don't have any capital letters or numbers, making them easily guessable.

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The most common passwords use 6 characters, which makes it even easier for hackers to crack the code.

That's why Internet users are being urged to make stronger passwords with 10 characters and a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters plus numbers and special symbols.

Using nicknames, terms of endearment (like 'King' 'Rose' or 'Love') or the names of TV shows or characters are some of the worst offenders, with millions of these passwords being breached. Using the names of different colours can also put you at risk.

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How to make a strong password

Here's a few steps you can take to stay protected:

  • Use different passwords on different sites: this is so that if one site gets hacked and your password is compromised, you'll keep your other accounts protected
  • Activate two-factor authentication: this adds an extra layer of security on top of your password
  • Make longer passwords with 8-12 characters and a combination of special characters, numbers and capital letters

It goes without saying that you shouldn't tell anyone your password, and don't keep them automatically saved in your browser—even if it is more convenient.

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