Your iPhone and Apple Watch get heart-racing update at perfect time

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If your New Year’s resolution was to lose some weight and get a little fitter then Apple has just released an update that will definitely help. The US technology firm’s Fitness+ service, which is available to Apple Watch and iPhone owners, already offered a swathe of ways to get your heart pumping but now it’s giving users even more ways to ramp up their weekly exercise.

The free upgrade, which is being rolled out throughout this month, includes a whole new workout genre with kickboxing now added for the first time. The classes, which are led by trainers Jamie-Ray Hartshorne and Nez Dally, can all be performed at home without the need for any extra equipment.

As well as introducing kickboxing, Fitness+ is also adding workouts that feature music from global superstar Beyoncé.

In fact, a total of seven new workouts featuring the singer’s music will be available across Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Strength, Treadmill, and Yoga.

Beyoncé now joins other stars whose songs are available on the platform with Ed Sheran and Taylor Swift just two of the other famous faces that feature.

If you need some extra help getting motivated after the Christmas binge then Apple is also launching two new programmes aimed at helping you get started.

These collections include “6 Weeks to Restart Your Fitness” and “Level Up Your Core Training” with both offering simple ways to boost your fitness over time.

The next big update will please anyone who uses the Time to Walk function with a number of new stars bringing their stories to this service including Jamie Lee Curtis, Jason Segel, Nina Hoss and Colman Domingo Time to Walk launched on Fitness+ in 2021 with it aimed at making a stroll around the park a little more interesting.

Finally there are now new ways to relax via Fitness+ with a brand-new Meditation theme, Sleep, being added to the Meditation library.

New sleep meditations will be added every week, and each practice can be done as part of a wind-down routine or while drifting off.

To help users get started with sleep meditations, a new program, Introduction to Meditations for Sleep, will launch.

The program consists of four 20-minute meditations that conclude with five minutes of relaxing music. The meditations — which can be done in any order at any time, each using different techniques to help users slow down and rest — include “Quiet Your Mind,” “Relax Your Body,” “Appreciate Your Day,” and “Visualize Rest.”

If you fancy giving Fitness+ a try there are free trials available for both Apple Watch and iPhone users.

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