Your Fire TV and Amazon Echo could look outdated this week as Amazon confirms next event

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Amazon will hold its next blockbuster event on September 28, where we expect to see some exciting new gadgets from the Seattle-based firm. Every year, Amazon holds an event to show off the latest devices ahead of the Christmas shopping rush.

In previous years, we’ve seen Alexa-powered microwaves, redesigns of the Amazon Echo, and new Fire TV set-top boxes all unveiled during Amazon’s blockbuster September announcement. Aside from shiny new hardware, we’ve also heard about upgrades to the likes of Prime Video, Amazon Luna game-streaming service, and Amazon Music.

Amazon’s blockbuster event is invite-only, so you won’t find a stream available to watch on YouTube or Twitter, like we saw with the recent iPhone and Microsoft Surface events. Of course, will bring you all of the latest announcements, so stay tuned for the latest reveals about new gadgets and subscription services right here.

When it comes to snuffing out rumours, Amazon really gives Apple a run for its money. As a result, we haven’t heard too many whispers about what to expect from the Amazon event. A new model of the Amazon Echo makes sense. After all, it has been a year since the current-generation has been on the market. We’re likely to see new form-factors, new Echo models with displays, and more.

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