Your Amazon Echo just got this very useful upgrade and here’s what’s new

Amazon Echo fans can now access a new and very useful upgrade.

The online retailer has just announced the launch of a new feature which could help users get clearer messages from Alexa.

From today, owners of these popular devices can now simply ask Alexa to speed up or slow down when talking to them.

If you find the voice assistant is going to fast then you can now say, “Alexa, speak slower” or “Alexa, speak faster” on any Alexa-enabled device.

Amazon says that the update will introduce seven different speeds of speech, including Alexa’s standard speaking rate, as well as two slower reading speeds and four faster options.

To reset Alexa’s speaking rate, simply say, “Alexa, speak at your default rate.”

Taking about the upgrade, Sarah Caplener, Head of Alexa for Everyone, said: “We heard from customers that they would like the ability to change Alexa’s speaking rate for a variety of reasons.

“Some of our hard of hearing and older customers shared how they love talking to Alexa and how she has become a companion but sometimes they would like her to slow down so they can better understand her responses.

“On the other hand, some of our customers who are blind or low vision are used to consuming audio content and want to be able to listen more quickly.”

“We’re thrilled to introduce this feature to help customers further personalise their interactions with Alexa, and adapt the experience to best fit their individual needs. “We’re humbled by the initial response to this feature from customers who helped us build this and look forward to continuing to deliver impactful features for all our customers.”

The news of this upgrade comes as more announcements could arrive from Amazon later this month.

The US firm has a history of revealing new devices in September and 2019 may be no different.

With its smart devices continuing to be hugely popular it’s unlikely that Amazon will want to take its foot off the gas.

It’s also been two years since the standard Echo (2nd generation) had any form of upgrades and this device is also currently unavailable on Amazon’s website.

This may suggest that an upgrade is inbound and, if the usual launch cycle is followed, expect some big news soon.

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