Woman discovers she’s being catfished after spotting Apple Watch in guy’s photos

A TikTok user rumbled a catfish after pulling off some serious detective work into his Apple Watch.

Jocelyn (@justjocelyn) said she was planning to meet up with a Bumble match named Myles before she noticed something fishy in one of his text messages.

After getting his number, Jocelyn texted 'Myles' from her iPhone and quickly noticed the message appear as green in her message app—which is what happens when you text an Android phone, rather than iPhones, which show messages as blue.

However, the match's profile picture on Bumble clearly showed him wearing an Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone to set up.

Jocelyn said: "I matched with this guy on Bumble, as one does. He was good looking, I was into it. I didn't give him too much information about myself because I've definitely chatted with people too much on the app.

"He said we should get dinner sometime, and I thought that was great because obviously, I don't want to talk in the app, I want to meet in person to see if I really like him. I give him my number and I say text me when and where we should meet for dinner.

"He texts me pretty quickly, and when I reply, I notice that it's green. Now, why does that matter? This is the guy I matched with. What is he wearing? An Apple Watch. What does green mean? It means he doesn't have an iPhone."

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From there, Jocelyn performed a reverse image search of the match's profile pictures on Google. It turned out that 'Myles' was using the photos of an Instagram model from New York named Ron.

Jocelyn warned viewers to keep an eye out for catfish in future: "The guy I matched with is pretending to be somebody named Myles, not Ron, who is the actual guy that's in the pictures. Thankfully I had hardly spoken to this guy and I'd invested 0% of my time. Either way, stay woke ladies and stay alert. There are catfishes everywhere."

Catfishing is a really serious issue that can lead to scams, fraud, and even violence. Always meet your dating app matches in a public place first before getting to know them.

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