Windows 11 key features break after Microsoft ‘forgot’ to update it

If you've been struggling to take screenshots, there's a good reason for that. Key features of Windows 11 have broken just days after the new operating system released⁠—because Microsoft forgot to send out a critical update.

Microsoft boffs are working overtime to fix the bugs, which have disabled some important accessibility features such as voice typing and touch keyboard, as well as the emoji keyboard.

If you want to take a screenshot, you'll no longer be able to use the Snipping Tool app⁠—instead, you need to take screenshots the old-school way using the Print Screen button on the keyboard and then copy and paste it into Paint or a Word document and crop it.

The features have broken because of a digital 'certificate' that should have been updated by October 31st, but presumably Microsoft were too busy focusing on the new Halo: Infinite rather than bug-fixing.

Some of these issues, such as voice typing, touch typing, and the emoji keyboard, have been semi-repaired in a patch released on October 21st. However, this is only available as a 'preview' version and has not been rolled out to all users just yet.

If you want to fix the issues, you'll have to install the 'preview' patch using Windows Update, or just wait patiently.

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Microsoft claims it is working hard to fix the issues and "will provide an update when available".

Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade to most Microsoft PCs and laptops.

It's being slowly rolled out worldwide and adds a sleek new interface as well as some big graphics updates for PC games.

It also marks a controversial departure from the classic Windows desktop, as the Start menu has been placed in the centre of the screen⁠—suspiciously like a Mac.

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