Where to find Warship Gbraakon collectibles locations in Halo Infinite

Everyone and their nan seems to be playing Halo Infinite on PC or Xbox right now since the game's campaign launched last night.

The latest instalment in Microsoft's long-running sci-fi shooter series shakes up the Halo formula by adding a more expansive, semi-open world that's packed to the rafters with easter eggs, collectibles and puzzles.

In 'Infinite', these include 12 glowing skulls which give Master Chief some powerful upgrades and 'mutations' to gameplay such as enhanced explosions or new gameplay challenges.

But if you're rushing through a mission for the first time it's easy enough to miss some of these key collectibles. Here's our guide to getting ahead of the game early on.

Where to find skulls and audio logs on Warship Gbraakon

The opening mission to Halo Infinite sees Master Chief venture into Banished Warship Gbraakon, a dangerous warship filled with tough enemies such as a Brute Berserker and Jackals.

It's also home to some of the game's earliest rare unlocks.

To find the Spartan audio log (Infinity Down) follow these steps:

  1. Locate the bridge in the warship and enter the corridor full of Banished.
  2. Once you've cleared away the Jackals and Brutes go through the door that the Brutes entered through and use the lift
  3. If you exit the lift you'll hear a beep. To your right you'll find the first Spartan audio log. There's also loads of grenades around, so restock while you can.

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After a few more rooms you'll enter an area with two floors and platform blocks going up the wall. To find the Gbraakon skull:

  1. Walk towards the blocks and jump on the one in the middle that moves
  2. Once you're higher up walk to the small hidden area. You will find the skull here. You can leave by running between the platforms as they rise upwards

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This is the 'Boom Skull', which will double the size of explosions. Its description is 'Behold, the Temple of Boom'.

Not all of the skulls make the game easier, so if you don't want them activated, you can turn them off and on in the menu.

There are eleven more skulls to find throughout the game, with some truly strange game modifiers. Happy hunting!

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