WhatsApp images: Why is WhatsApp not downloading images?

Sharing images is considered an essential way to stay in touch with loved ones during the coronavirus lockdown. But some people unfortunately experience issues with downloading images on WhatsApp from time to time – but Express.so.uk is here to help.

Problems downloading or sending images on WhatsApp – a summary:

Listed below are common issues capable of causing problems downloading or sending photos, videos.

Check your phone may be experiencing connectivity problems.

Your phone’s date and time could possibly be set incorrectly.

Another explanation could be there is an issue with your SD card, such as insufficient space or it is in read-only mode.

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Problems downloading or sending images on WhatsApp – troubleshooting advice.

Double-check your phone has an active internet connection with a strong signal by attempting to load a webpage.

WhatsApp also advises you check the date and time are set correctly on your phone.

If the date is incorrect, you will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp servers to download your pictures and video.

Make sure there is enough space on your SD card – if the card is full, WhatsApp will not be able to save anything to it.

Make more space available by deleting any unnecessary files.

Ensure your phone’s SD card is not set to read-only mode.

WhatsApp advice asks you to try saving a file to your SD card that is not from WhatsApp.

If the file saves, your card is not read-only and WhatsApp Messenger should be able to save files to it.

If you cannot save anything, your card is likely set to read-only mode.

You will, therefore, be required to change this, so please check your phone’s manual for instructions.


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If there is enough free space and you can save files to your SD card, but you still cannot download any files to it from WhatsApp, you may need to delete WhatsApp data from your SD card

It is important to remember doing so will erase all WhatsApp chat history backups and downloaded files.

If you could not save any files to it, your SD card may be corrupted.

In this eventuality, you may need to reformat your SD card.

This involves erasing the entire SD card and resetting it.

Again, it is important to remember doing so will erase all data on your SD card.

If all of these steps did not work, it may be that there is an issue with your SD card.

You may likely need to buy a new SD card in order to save send pictures and video via WhatsApp again.

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