WhatsApp ‘enormous’ update will change way groups work forever

WhatsApp is set to add a radical new update which would change the way group chats are organised forever.

Beta test small print hidden in future WhatsApp updates has revealed that Meta (formerly Facebook) is working on a 'Community' feature, which would allow group chat admins to set up and manage smaller 'channels' under one umbrella.

For example, a whole company could have its own Community chat, with smaller groups of workers with their own chat channels within that.

The change was first spotted by WhatsApp boffs at XDA Developers, who noticed a few slight tweaks to the app's internal code.

At first, it was pure speculation, until WhatsApp accidentally enabled the feature's new layout briefly before deleting it.

It could suddenly be much easier to arrange surprise parties, as a blogger at WhatsApp Beta Info explained that admins of a 'Community' will be able to send messages in group chats and then group channels related to the wider community.

"For example, a degree course can be considered a community, and all its teaching classes are groups included in this community."

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Admins will also be able to invite people to join the community manually or using a 'community invite link'.

If you want to try out experimental new features of WhatsApp, you can sign up to beta releases of the chat software and download them direct to your phone.

If you're on Android, simply go to the WhatsApp page on the Play Store and scroll down until you see the option to 'Become a Beta Tester'.

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Just tap 'I'm in' and follow the instructions and you'll soon receive an update with the latest WhatsApp beta.

Last week, WhatsApp ended support for millions of older smartphones.

If your messaging app isn't working, it might be time to update your system software – or upgrade your phone.

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