What ‘sb’ means on Snapchat and other popular acronyms such as ‘stg’ explained

Despite the recent rise of TikTok and Instagram, Snapchat is still one of the most popular social media apps.

Although the disappearing photosharing app has had its self-destructive message features imitated on other platforms, Snapchat remains quietly active on millions of users' phones.

It remains a hit with teenagers and young people alike thanks to its augmented reality filters, lenses, and live map features. In fact, more than 59 percent of all US internet users between 13 and 24 are Snapchat users.

However, the app has its own culture and language, and you'll notice many users saying confusing or strange slang and acronyms. Luckily, the Daily Star is on hand to help you decipher the cool kids' chat.

What does sb mean on Snapchat?

Simply put, 'sb' means snapback.

No, not the hat. 'Sb' is usually messaged when someone wants you to snap them back with a video or photo.

This is often done so that you can maintain your Snapchat streak with a friend, which requires you to snap each other at least every 24 hours.

If you've got a mountain emoji, which indicates a particularly long Snapchat streak, you can expect to send or receive the 'sb' message regularly in order to maintain your gargantuan streak.

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What are other popular Snapchat acronyms and what do they mean?

There are hundreds of other slang words and acronyms that are typically only used on Snapchat. These include:

  • stg: on Snapchat, this means "swear to god", which people tend to say when they're annoyed or frustrated (but not always)
  • yw: this can mean either "you're welcome" or "yeah whatever". You'd better make sure you know which one is being said to you or it could be an awkward conversation
  • mhm: this isn't an acronym at all, but the written form of someone saying "mm-hmm", aka "yes"
  • tm: this could mean 'text message', 'trust me' or 'tell me' depending on the context
  • ctm: "chat to me"
  • imk: "in my knowledge"

These are just some of the slang words used on Snapchat, but as the meaning of language online is constantly evolving, who knows what they'll mean by the time you read this?

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