Warning for Gmail users to take action as ‘lucky’ Google scam surfaces

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    Gmail users are at threat from a major new email scam which could strip you of your passwords and credit card details.

    Google has issued an official warning to all Gmail users to be wary of a fake email impersonating it.

    The email looks like it's from Google with all the same branding you'd expect the tech giant to use, and comes with the subject line 'Online Reward Program'.

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    If you open the email it will tell you that you've made the 18.25 billionth search on Google and to click a link to claim a reward.

    The email reads: "Congratulations! You are the lucky Google user. Every 10 millionth search is reached worldwide, we will proclaim a lucky user to send out a thank-you gift. You are the lucky user!

    However, there's no gift. Instead, clicking the link will send you to a dodgy site which can steal your money, identity, and data.

    Google has instructed people not to open the email and it's probably wise to block the sender and report the message as spam.

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    In a statement, Google said: "Google does not offer spontaneous prizes in this format and you will not win a prize by completing the survey or entering your personal information. Close out of the pop-up window and do not enter your personal information."

    To stay protected, the tech giant advises users to follow three 'golden rules', including:

    • 'Slow it down' – Scams often tend to create a sense of urgency, but you should take time to ask questions and think things through before sending any money or personal details
    • 'Spot check' – If the message you're receiving seems unusual or doesn't make sense, you should do some extra research to double check everything adds up
    • 'Stop! Don't send' – No legitimate organisation or person will demand payment or personal info out of nowhere.


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